Netizens react after watching BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ official teaser

BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ Official Teaser

1. I think the song will be good

2. It’s completely different from what I thoughtㅋㅋㅋ I can’t predictㅋㅋㅋ

3. I’m curious about the song, it’s completely different from the pre-release song

4. It’s so short ㅠㅠㅠ But I’m mesmerized by his face and voice

5. It’s no joke.. Jimin really seems to have prepared well for the album

6. Jimin-ah, I’m looking forward to it

7. I hope the song will be good

8. I think the song will be so good, I’m looking forward to it

9. I’m really curious about the song

10. Is it Jimin’s voice? At first I thought it was a girl’s voice

11. It’s short but his voice is so good

12. I can’t imagine what the song will be like, can’t wait

13. It’s good even though it’s short

14. The concept is sexy

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netizens or army??? 😁

Hi, I'm Guest

Most likely both




Kai Rover is so much better

Color color stan

It’s not but it’s better at being flop 😂


Stop lying Rover is so popular but armys got pigimin more #1s on itunes because you have funds to support pigmin’s songs no matter how bad the songs are. You’re not supporting the song because it’s good but because it’s sung by bts members. You’ll eat up anything from your fav. What’s the difference of you and blinks then


Yall are so fcking annoying. Talking about how “good” that fad’s song is only to give him 10M views on YT in a whole week and 1.7M streams on debut day for a whole album.
Fuck off and go stream those flops instead of spending your time crying about successful artists 🙄

Color color stan

“so popular” but #400 on melon? Where is the popular? Lol


trust me you are the only pig here 😂 jimin outsold everything flop kai did from itunes to billboard to youtube lol

Hi, I'm Guest

U mean (tan)Kai’s (r)OVER? Keep dreamin’ 😊


at flopping? sure 😂

hinata boke

Fruityy 💅

Color color stan

It’s giving Filter vibes and I know it’s gonna slay


pigmin rapist supporter

Color color stan

Learn to pick a username first coward


I’m curious to see how we go from the beginning scene to the room in the poster 👀

Song sounds good, as expected. March 24 needs to hurry the hell uuuuup 😩

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