Netizens react to article saying all BTS members will be enlisting this year

“BTS’ 20th anniversary together”… BTS’ 10th anniversary, all members will be enlisting this year

According to officials, all BTS members, including V and Jungkook, will be enlisting later this year

They made this decision to meet their fans as a group as soon as possible

1. I want all the members to enlist after doing all the solo activities they want to do

2. There are 2 members who haven’t released their solo album yet, don’t put pressure on the members

3. There is no news about V’s solo, but will he enlist this year?

4. Shouldn’t Jungkook and V do their solo activities before enlisting?? Honestly, I miss the two of them so much

5. What about V’s album?

6. Fans are waiting for V and Jungkook’s solo albums, but what the hell is HYBE doing?

7. I just believe what the members say

8. No, there are members who haven’t even released their solo albums yet

9. Leave BTS alone

10. If they’re all going to enlist this year, they should all have solo activities this year

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