Netizens react to article saying all BTS members will be enlisting this year

“BTS’ 20th anniversary together”… BTS’ 10th anniversary, all members will be enlisting this year

According to officials, all BTS members, including V and Jungkook, will be enlisting later this year

They made this decision to meet their fans as a group as soon as possible

1. I want all the members to enlist after doing all the solo activities they want to do

2. There are 2 members who haven’t released their solo album yet, don’t put pressure on the members

3. There is no news about V’s solo, but will he enlist this year?

4. Shouldn’t Jungkook and V do their solo activities before enlisting?? Honestly, I miss the two of them so much

5. What about V’s album?

6. Fans are waiting for V and Jungkook’s solo albums, but what the hell is HYBE doing?

7. I just believe what the members say

8. No, there are members who haven’t even released their solo albums yet

9. Leave BTS alone

10. If they’re all going to enlist this year, they should all have solo activities this year

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the faster they go they faster they come


How about let them do things at their own pace why are you all acting so selfish?? 2 members didn’t even debut yet

internet introvert

And those members are deciding when the go. Why do you think you know better than those members do themselves. Weirdo.


They aren’t confirming sht and you’re already sending them away.
You like to say “don’t put words in their mouth” but you’re doing exactly that

They didn’t say they’ll enlist in 2028 but they didn’t say either that they’ll enlist this year. It’s media guessing


2. There are 2 members who haven’t released their solo album yet, don’t put pressure on the members

Exactly this. To all that people commenting on “yo shouldn’t insert what you want on them” is the same people that don’t care about their decisions and want them to go faster so they can comeback in 2025

Have you thought of jk wanting to tour? Tae acting? RM preparing another album?
Y’all so selfish.

Journalist write shitty articles for clicks but you should stop making assumptions of their lives


They said since last fest what plans they have. They will release albums before going. But they already said they planned on going this year. Why are you so upset about something they GUYS THEMSELVES SAID??!


Bro…bts will prioritized their grp activities and want to have tour as grp asap. The only one that is possible right now is namjoon solo album…tae and jk one are impossible. Its already 1 year after grp activities hiatus announcement, did you think tae need 1 year to find a script? Lol. Jk one is impossible too unless he want to enlist in 2026/2027 but pretty sure he will choose to have grp tour instead of serving alone in military lol

K army

Jk himself said he want to do solo concert nd every jk and v worked hard for their solo album so just shut up your fake ot7 agenda when members themselves said they are looking forward to their solo activities


Jk himself said he want to do solo concert ? 🙄 That K army on your name didn’t even fooled us. Its plain you’re just a hater disguising as an army.

Ofc he wants to do solo concert. But not right away fool! Knowing JK, he always working hard to make a good music and near perfect performances. Based on this, it will take time to do solo concert as Jungkook himself would want it to be a great experience for him and armys. He would make sure he has some songs and dances to be performed. OT7 comeback didn’t mean solo activities would be halted entirely.


Nah…I don’t think you are army, as you didn’t even know what they want. If they want to enlist together this year, its their decisions. We as army never throw sh1t just bcs they want to enlist sooner or later. Album and other activities? Ofc they will release it. Do u think BTS is like any other artists who didn’t produce their own songs? JK and Taehyung have many picks over a dozen songs that they already made/wrote. Its only about timing and making those songs more perfect for official release.

Tae CT

Hybe is busy with their dozenjeans. Lets see how they’re going to treat tae and jk solo album. They can give 6mvs for their dozenjeans but cant spend some money on namjoon dia becon, hoseok listening party or any playlist for bts solo song. Its funny af that dozenjeans song in tth playlist for months but bts solo cant even stay long like those dozenkids song. Ooops this site is full of shithybe stan..they stan this shit company more than bts members lol


U know what, i think thats why newjeans still not giving much profits to hybe despite having tons of cf. Alot of their cf seem getting through BTS connections so they probably get paid cheap. Then, hybe use payola for them like TTH so i am betting their cb promo must be expensive. Hybe really kinda obsessed to make them as big as BTS as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the girls are so boring individually. They lack of stan attractors members. Hybe try so hard to push them as luxury ambassadors so early. With gg always treated like a trend usually, i have a feeling gp gonna get bored with them very soon because they blow up too soon. Suprisingly, i saw that its aespa members nowadays getting some hardcore fans with karina being huge stan attractor member. Newjeans also such a boring performers. Thats maybe due to min hee jin obsession fornvisual over stage performance due to her experience from SM. There always gonna be new pretty girls, its really matter of time korea gonna get bored with them. I found le sserafim have more longetivity despite less famous than newjeans because atleast they have stan attractor members n really good in performing.


it’s getting even annoying when I see their fans complaining that hybe/ador mistreated them and not promoted them well enough just because those girls are not overworked to stay up late to record fucking music shows or being included in that hybe insight event

Yeontan Kim

Mistreated? Wtf…


Ikr…6mvs….even big3 rookies didn’t get this treatment..they really want to push this kids so much. How come their song is still in tth playlist when the stream are so-so….how come like crazy didn’t get to stay in that playlist when its stable af?

Yeontan Kim

Im sure army will not stream tae solo since majority of them like generic pop and tiktok song lol. No need to say abt shithybe..they are useless af


Army are jikook solos.


WBK BH don’t care about Taehyung and will probably release his album the week before he enlist with no promotions and army will claim that’s what he wanted


How miserable your life definitely. You want to have control over Tae so much ypu will ignore his own words just to fill your delusions


Here YOU go… 🤦🏽‍♀️

y’all will defend everything that company does and ignore everything that Tae has said personally against that company/bang pd and cherry pick the ones that fit your hybe/family narrative to make it seem like HYBE is not just a company that has a contract with BTS.

Y’all need to get over it, it’s a business not a family. BTS does not own HYBE and they do not own enough shares to have complete control. Once y’all come to terms with this y’all will finally be able to see criticism of Hybe does not mean criticism of BTS.

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Teenaged puppy

The company stans never beating the HYBE over BTS allegations

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Yeontan Kim

Are you blind? That comp is useless af


Lmao exactly they do not care about him and armys being the company ass lickers they are will eat that shit up


V and JK should be given enough time to build their solo career. Even if they enlist in Q1 next year, they can still come back in 2025. Anyway, this article is not the official confirmation from Bighit and BTS themselves. Let’s just wait for that. For years, media have been speculating their enlistment plan and exemption. This article is no exception.


true, they can enlist in q1 just fine tbh, idk why journalists always come out with these kind of news every months , it’s starting to sound like they want to pressure the members even more


They just want the engagement. We know how big BTS clout is.


saw this post on theqoo this morning and I wonder why the journalist decided to release this news right after the festa period is over like it completely came out randomly lol

anyway personally ever since last year, I just feel like both armys and maknae line solo stans obviously need to tone it down and don’t say something that makes you already have this some type of expectation and denial on bts like yeah it is expected of them to resume their activities as a group in 2025 but needs to take account that maybe just maybe there will be something unexpected happens or if they change mind and they decide to enlist later so that none will be like disappointed or mad in case that happens

and the same goes for the solo stans too like if the member you solo stan say something , have a faith on them and trust them lol, don’t make it like the member you solo stan seems like they can’t think of their own


Hybe ass licker is here. You really think members can have freedom and do anything they want? If Bang PD spit on one of the members’ faces, you would probably defend Bang PD by saying it was the member’s decision lol. At the end, you need to realise that Hybe is a company that only cares about their future. Even SM artists were betrayed by their papa Sooman. Lee seunggi literally was scammed by his company for decades. By your logic, he is a kid and cant think by his own. Even taylor swift have a problem with her label before lol


not reading all that but I saw Hybe’s asslicker and a snort came out of my mouth lmfao, if you only see my twt account lol like in what way in my sentence I said Hybe is innocent ? idgaf about that fucking company lmfaooooooooo, and I don’t care if the members decide to enlist this year, next year, or in 2030 or not at all, that’s on them ,

But I hate how the medias keep releasing these kind of news every months cause it seems like they are pressuring those members to enlist this year knowing the fact that the fans, either armys and solo stans would be fine if they enlist later on. And I certainly don’t want either armys and solo stans to have these kind of expectations that later on will make you guys makes some shitty thinkpieces I have to see on my tl just like you guys did with Tae and Jennie craps

Yeontan Kim

Boohoo company stan is crying right now lol. And stop talking abt taehyung and jennie private life. That useless comp cant even protects his private life. They are busy with that underage gg and their pedo ceo


and is the crying in the room with us rn ? maybe you but not me lmaooo

and the context of me mentioning jennie and tae is because of this fandom, their fucking shippers, their solo stans, the tk shippers making thinkpieces everytime a new pic or something related to it drops. Like yeah hybe/yg handled this horribly but these thinkpieces and denial made by those shippers, people from this fandom, from the solo stans are not it either and just make the whole situation even worst like sometimes it’s better to shut up even if you believe it’s not real or if it’s real .


idg why it should be end of this year tho, if they pull a hoseok and enlist in early 2024 like march/april, they still will make it into 2025 but well whatever, I will respect their opinions. And unpopular opinion, kinda glad that kth1 seems to be released around oct-dec cause I know the chartings gonna be rough and hard and competitive but I want at least one of these members’ album to be nominated and hopefully win for next year’s award shows tbh and I know this fandom will pull through for maknae line lol , they did the bare minimum with jm’s collabs but went all out for his solo album so I expect the same thing happen with th and jk


This is just bs let members enlist at their own pace


Aren’t those two members releasing their solos this year? Maybe their planning is to enlist after the release of the album of the last member…i mean if the release of solo album of the last two is confirmed. Their enlistment at the end of this year is a possibility. Or They may start to enlist one by one until the last one leaves at the end of the year…


Internet trolls really can’t read to save their life, huh. There’s LITERALLY 6 whole months left in this year where Tae and JK can both drop albums/tour/do whatever they want. The news just stated all will enlist this year. Even if it’s Dec 31st, that’s still THIS YEAR.

The way people think these boys are infants with no say in how their life goes never fails to astound me. Y’all about to sound real dumb when Jk debuts next month, Tae comes out with his album later in the year, and then they all enlist by December with no complaints from anyone because oh, yeah, that’s right- BTS are in charge of their own careers. Imagine that 😒


Exactly. It’s like no one knows how to read a calendar. The boys are all adults and experienced professionals with an enormous amount of power over their own careers.


Ngl, the cmmts acting like there isn’t 6 months left in the year is bizarre.


they’re sinking deeper than the Titanic. Should be disbanded soon

Teenaged puppy

Yes now that BB disbanded lol


Taehyung and Jungkook are going to debut this year as soloists and then they are going to leave for military service this year as will Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin. I have no doubt in my mind, neither does Army, so I don’t understand the surprise from the Koreans. It’s Bangtan’s plan to come back together in 2025, always has been.


This was the plan all along we all knew about this why the fake concern


I’ll support however the guys decide to handle this. But what officials? Is this an official statement or sm1 just spouting off smt they heard? Unless an official statement is out or the members say smt, pls stop with this kind of talk and let them (and the fans) enjoy their activities in peace.


comments talking about how the members should enlist after solo promotions, and I’m quite confused.. wasn’t that the plan all along? especially with the way jungkook & taehyung’s albums keep being teased by media and the members alike? cause I’m pretty certain that’s the plan.


we are in june… if jk is releasing in july he has the time to promote and go probably taehyung too a little late. suga after the tour surely namjoon is basically saying goodbye… jimin will go with v so… it’s not hybe it’s the members they want to come back as a group as fast as they can

Btwinks ender

The world is healing


Let taennie date in peace ✌️


no one cares about these hags


Disbandment soon


If they want to come back as quickly as possible, why aren’t army putting that pressure on jimin to go already, I though he released his album, so why HE isn’t going? But u’re only concern is v and jk, who haven’t released anything yet? Army prove again and again their undying jealousy towards the two most popular members, ot7 my ass


ARMY has not put pressure on any of the members about going. We trust their decisions on when to go, we will be there to wish them well when they depart, and we will be there with open arms when it is time to come back. Not sure why you are so fixated specifically on Jimin, but it doesn’t matter. The remaining 5 will go when it’s the right time.


can’t you people use your brain and think ? when the hell armys putting the pressure on those two , the situation here clearly shows that kmedias are the one who putting pressure on them seeing how they keep releasing these kind of articles for like every months but of course the kmedias are the god for you guys, they’re so saint in your eyes, these kmedias will do nothing wrong since they’re feeding you guys airport pictures and videos

we are just repeating what the members has implied and said so far lol, they all alluded to 2025’s group activities and even if they change their minds later on, then good for them ? pretty sure none of us will be mad lmao like if it’s up to me, better they don’t go there at all but since it’s their law then who am I to oppose it


We don’t want talentless people releasing song. Send them tk Millitary


Bahaahaha lol at least they do release music and they can dance. Army knows for sure, if they pay a concert ticket, JK is gonna deliver. aheem unlike others in kpop industry lmao

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