Netizens react to article saying BTS Jungkook will release solo album on July 14

[Exclusive] BTS Jungkook, to release solo album on July 14… Golden maknae takes off

According to Sports Chosun, Jungkook is preparing for the release of his solo album on July 14. English songs are expected to be included in this album and he’ll promote globally

1. Really? Really?ㅠㅠ

2. Hul… Finally our golden maknae Kookie is about to release an album

3. I’m really looking forward to Jungkook’s solo album

4. Jungkook~ I’m going crazy, I’ve been waiting for so long

5. I was wondering when Jungkook will debut as a solo artist, but he’s finally debuted.. Can’t wait until July..

6. I’ve been waiting for his solo even though I’m not a fan

7. Jungkook’s solo album is finally released ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. HYBE working hard in July, NewJeans, Jungkook

9. I’m a fan of the other members, but I’m curious and looking forward to Jungkook as a solo artist

10. If his teaser comes out, K-Pop will turn upside down ㅠ Oh, hurry up!!!

11. Really???????????? What?????? Really????? Jungkook-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

12. Not long ago there was an article saying that V is preparing his solo, has the order changed?

13. Oh I’m looking forward to Jungkook. I like Jungkook’s voice

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He is the only member of BTS that isn’t objectively unattractive, so he’s got that going for him.

…But I expect his solo to have the same results as Jimin’s solo – #1 on the charts for the first week, and then it will drop like a rock.

Although it will drop less fast than Jimin because, as I said, he is the only member who isn’t objectively unattractive and so he will be a little more popular than Jimin.


He is ugly af. Not even the 2nd best looking. You just want him to top you nasty a$$


Diam lah haters Jungkook tapi jungkook lebih kacak daripada anda hati jotor


Anda yang hodoh bukan Jungkook, jungkook punya hati baik bahkan dia telah derma 1b untuk hospital kanak-kanak tapi anda masih membenci dia


Tapi masih bagus visual jungkook daripada jimin


Shut up bottom. He won’t fk u


Menurut anda tidak menarik tapi orang ramai dia lebih menarik ok dan dia juga berjiwa besar daripada anda


Menurut anda tidak menarik mungkin anda haters nya tapi orang ramai banyak yang suka dia, sudah gitu dia punya jiwa besar, suka bantu staff, banyak bakat,udah gitu baik lagi sampai derma 1b untuk hospital kanak-kanak.


dang he seriously meant it when he said he was going to release his album after Yoongi , so excited for the album !!!


12. Not long ago there was an article saying that V is preparing his solo, has the order changed?

The order didn’t change. Jk has already said during festa he’ll release his album after Suga but k-media released wrong speculations that time


Has there been an official statement released by the company bc I ain’t abt to get my hopes up just from some journalist speculations.


As usual they said they will announce once the schedule is confirmed/finalized


their respond sounds like what they responded to namjoon’s indigo album back then tbh so maybe the date will not be accurate but I think we can believe the album will still be released in July


12. Not long ago there was an article saying that V is preparing his solo, has the order changed?

People need to get the memo, he’s like a male jennie now, you’ll be lucky if he puts out one song this year between following her all over and modeling.

ANYWAYS, the real main event is coming. Every kpop soloist record in existence will soon belong to the king.


Btch be fckin srs…he actually loves music and is not like that broken ankle airhead. Don’t ever insult him like that eww

WhatsThe Point

Unlike that had tae writes his own music, and he can include as many songs he pleases unlike her who has to wait for her company to give her songs and she’s only capable of writing 1/2 songs


Mana anda tahu jungkook mampu menulis satu 2 lagu anda satu rumah ke dengan Jungkook


Saving the best for last that’s a king Kim taehyung


He is busy fixing his broken nose and following yubi. His stans are more focused on his Charlie collab than his own solo


bitch where?


Kalau tertumpu pada kolabrasi Jungkook juga tidak salah tu masih lagu nya juga bukan jimin


haters jungkook kah. it’s up to him his nose, maybe his nose is more beautiful than yours


coming to end your trash nugu faves 😂😂😂😂😂

WhatsThe Point

I thought it would be tae first but so excited for jks album.

I hope tae doesn’t release the album in nov/dec, it’s the holiday season and the fandom will all go hibernate when it will be the time to support him and give excuses of holidays


they will find an excuse really doesn’t change the fact that they won’t support him.they’re already bringing “genre” excuse.
& christmas,jazzy love songs,his birthday…that time of the year is so meaningful when it comes to taehyung.but an early autumn debut would be perfect to avoid christmasy chart & keep the vibe his music has.

Last edited 3 months ago by rosa

Satu dua lagu sekurang-kurangnya masih popular berbanding tulis banyak lagu tapi sepi


the amount of bitches being crazy & angry here shows that jk’s solo will be legendary lmaoooo😂😂😂😂😂


Jungkook must show no mercy, Army will show no mercy either. 

I speak facts

Just seeing kpoppies crying on twitter because their favs will release around the same time as JK already says a lot. Jk has that pop prince quality to him and I know he’s going to break many records! His voice is majestic and I know btches are shaking lmao can’t wait!


Love your name and you spilled. Facts only!

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