Netizens react to ENHYPEN ‘Bite Me’ Official MV

ENHYPEN ‘Bite Me’ Official MV

1. I like the song

2. The song is good

3. The song is good but the choreography is bad

4. The song is really short

5. The song is good but it’s too short

6. The chorus is good

7. It’s like a mix of two songs

8. The intro and chorus of the song are so good

9. I was surprised that the song was so much better than I thought

10. I really like this song…

11. The song is good and the rap is good too

12. The song is good! But it’s too short

13. I’m not sure about the song, but the members are all handsome

14. ENHYPEN’s songs are always good, this song also suits my taste

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