Netizens react to Forbes article about Jimin’s ranking on Billboard Hot 100

Translation of Forbes article about Jimin

1. Every time BTS ranks #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the haters always go crazy, but this time the akgaes seem to join in as well

2. I don’t care about his ranking on the Billboard charts, but this promotion shows that Jimin has absolutely no talent as a solo singer

3. Jimin’s live singing skills are controversial in his 10th year ㅠㅜ

4. I feel sorry for Jimin, he didn’t do anything wrong, but he’s being bashed for getting #1 on Billboard Hot 100

5. No matter how hard the haters try, the fact that Jimin is the first Korean soloist to rank #1 on the Hot 100 won’t change

6. Why do you say this article is bashing Jimin? I don’t know about the other articles, but this one seems to be explaining his ranking;

7. I’m not a fan, but I really feel sorry for Jimin. Why do you keep mocking him?

8. The comments here are really disgusting;;

9. I’m really sick of BTS’ fandom

10. I only know that Jimin ranked 1st and 45th. He’s amazing

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WhatsThe Point

2. I don’t care about his ranking on the Billboard charts, but this promotion shows that Jimin has absolutely no talent as a solo singer

3. Jimin’s live singing skills are controversial in his 10th year ㅠㅜ

Countless videos of him singing live but let his in-ear stop working y’all drag him. Y’all were waiting for it I know.
There are several videos I stumbled upon where idols had issues with in-ears and we’re singing out of tune but they didn’t get as much attention cuz at the end of the day everyone has their eyes on BTS only


tell me you don’t know shit about how in-ears work without telling me you don’t know shit about how in-ears work lmaoo yall truly see one misinformation and run with it.. or are you getting your info based on those “in-ear versions” on youtube? either way, it’s fucking hilarious to see 😂

in-ears inform the artist where exactly in the song they are, when they should start, and when the bridge/chorus/verse starts, yes. that is the only correct thing you said.
what yall either purposely pick and choose not to say, or you’re simply unaware of, is the fact that the IEMs also allow the artists to hear themselves; which is the most important thing when performing live. otherwise, they’re going in absolutely BLIND because without those monitors all they hear is distorted reverberations of the song and their voice, not what they actually sound like.

baby words: without the in-ears, the singers don’t realize that they are off, therefore they don’t know they have to adjust their voice to the proper rhythm and pitch.
and this is information ANYONE who has any experience with IEMs could tell you.

jimin has 10 years worth of live performances, to get on the internet and claim he “sucks” based on an unfortunate event is actually insane behavior. yall’s hate against that man is PAINFULLY obvious.

Shu yan

Atleast he is in top 50


Next week it will drop further.

Fifty Fifty gonna be higher.


Everyone higher than jisoo lol


Not suga flop solo


netizens react when it’s the usual hating obsessed fandoms on that site

Color color stan

Pann and theqoo are full of idiot sm stans


yall straight up speaking out of your asses to show your bitterness when it comes to Jimin and IT SHOWS 💀

but the ‘low streams’ part is taking me the fuck out when Like Crazy has 74M streams for the main track and 60M streams for the English version of the same track, together coming up to roughly 135M streams (this being only two tracks from FACE, ALONE).

not to mention the fact that both versions, individually, gain around 2.9M streams on their 20th day — which is more than some acts get in their 1st day.

“watch other kpop groups trying to emulate the same thing” as if they haven’t been doing that shit for years now, be seriouss 💀
the only difference is that BTS and its members actually have the fanbase to back them up —and allow them to actually fight back against the industry’s discriminating rules— while yall’s faves think making 20+ versions of the same album is gonna get them the same results.

and then yall have the guts to speak and frown upon “mass” streaming and buying. no self awareness whatsoever.


your dozen is out there on bubbling under despite her 3 fans desperately mass buying and streaming for her ass. not to mention the payola yg and jeremy did for her useless ass. worry about that.

Teenaged puppy

And then they wonder why their flop faves get dragged by army


saying that shit while the dozensoo, mother of dozens, was OUT on her 2nd day despite jeremy working HARD for that payola 🤨

WhatsThe Point

Suddenly acting victims and pretending as if they weren’t hating tannies like?

Teenaged puppy

Worry about crackśe getting gangbanged for crack rocks

Teenaged puppy

Bp not charting after sleeping with Jeremy oppa and begging at Target with $1 albums

Teenaged puppy

Is rose falling to her knees to service jeremy

Color color stan

And to do lines ikyk 🤭

lmaoooo shut the fuck up fr

kpop stans talking about caring about ‘numbers instead of skills’ when NUMBERS is the only thing kpop has for themselves; hence why nobody gives a fuck about your “talented” faves, WAKE UP 🤣🤣

Color color stan

They get mad at armys for caring about numbers then get surprised bts is taking all the daesang cause the stoopids didn’t read the criteria 🥴

Color color stan

Lol what’s so real is that haters on pann and on this website think an encore from a show with less than 1% rating will have an effect on jimin but in fact has absolutely no impact at all cause after the hundreds of pann posts and comments here jimin hit #1 on the hot100 and when he dropped to #45 he’s still higher than all your favs 🤭 that’s what’s so real 😂

Color color stan

Too bad your flop favs can’t fall because you cant fall from the bottom 😂

Color color stan

You wish this will drag bts down and put the spotlight on your fav but sorry your favs will remain flops




Why must Army be TOXIC AF 100% of the time?


I’m sorry you’re so miserable and deluded to not see that any toxicity you see is just a reflection of your own behavior.


“Biggest fall in history” lmaooooo

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

biggest sabotage in history, billboard deliberately not count his D2C sales in 100K so that he don’t get to be the top artist sales and most sold songs in BB this year.
The award will be given to miley’s flowers

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