Netizens React to (G)I-DLE – ‘Queencard’ Official Music Video

(G)I-DLE – ‘Queencard’ Official Music Video

1. The chorus is so refreshing

2. Minnie is seriously so pretty

3. The chorus sounds interesting

4. Wow the song is so good

5. Minnie’s voice is so good

6. I can’t hear the lyrics so I don’t know, but the song is good

7. Minnie is really cool

8. Minnie and Shuhua are crazy

9. The song is addictive and I think you can listen to it comfortably

10. I really like the song ㅠㅠㅠ Shuhua is seriously so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ She herself is a hot girl ㅠㅠㅠ

11. The song is good, but I can’t hear what the lyrics say

12. The MV is beautiful ㅋㅋ The song is also addictive

13. The song is interesting.. It suits summer

14. Minnie’s intro is crazy..

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WhatsThe Point

The lyrics💀 watch sk eat this up.
Ggs can release bad songs and get paks


Korean public always love gg song. I will not surprised


Honestly the song was good. The intro looked like tomboy but nice as if the song was going to go viral later


Better than autotune king jimin


‘I can’t hear what the lyrics say’ well then consider yourself lucky. 💀

On the bright side, the girls look absolutely stunning!

Last edited 4 months ago by ARRA

Minnie doesnt even need so much lines to attract people. I hope this prove to some solo fans who brought up how soyeon being biased towards minnie & some other members’ didn’t get line to show their vocals because they got less lines, that this girl deserved whatever lines given to her and you should shut up about line distribution from now on.


Song is good?? Did they even hear it?


The chorus is good but the rest… the lyrics are also so cringey

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