Netizens react to Jinni leaving NMIXX and JYP

NMIXX’s Jinni leaves the group

1. Suddenly???? Why???

2. Jinni??????????????????? Why????????????

3. Why are so many JYP idols suddenly leaving the group?

4. Like Sullyoon, I feel that she is the core visual member of NMIXX. What happened?

5. JYP has many cases like this

6. JYP is always like this

7. Looks like she’s trying to do something other than being an idol, she even canceled her exclusive contract

8. She’s a rookie and she’s doing well, right?

9. What? Isn’t she the visual member?? What is the reason??

10. Wow seriously, why? ㅠㅠㅠ She is my favorite member in NMIXX ㅠ

11. Why… ????? She’s my favorite member ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I think they’re joking.. I can’t believe it ㅠㅠ

12. A few days ago, she did so well on the year-end stage.. Why?

13. It hasn’t been long since NMIXX’s debut..?

14. Hul???? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the title

15. Isn’t Jinni the perfect visual member of NMIXX? I remember her because she’s so pretty

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damn they really lost one of their best members


They lost one of their most popular member ☹️


I think mistreatment in idol world is really severe, there are many cases like idols are fed up idol’s life after debuting and left the industry one by one. Its really sad because they gave their childhood life to be debuted & everything they own.


Although that’s true I think this situation is probably a lot more complicated than that. Just a few days ago she posted on bubble talking about how excited she was for nmixx’s next comeback and how happy she was she became an idol which is why this is extra confusing for fans.


she probably did something jyp wasn’t happy about since they care about their image


I don’t want to make any speculations… but I think she got involved with something serious that could definitely tarnish NMIXXs image.


and what would that be, why is jyp letting her go but keeping hj in his group

Your name

Because Hj is a man


because he’s one of the popular members & the leader was defending him since apparently, chan picked the members to debut with him

Henecia Amino

Why not mention Lia?


idk the latest update of her scandal, believe me I learned sh about hj without my consent because it was everywhere


didn’t she become a trainee when she was like 12? fvck man this is so sad, she gave her entire childhood to that company.


Well is not like idols who left didn’t make it after, but is really fishy why so sudenly


3. Why are so many JYP idols suddenly leaving the group?

nobody else left recently what are they talking about?


the voices inside that netizen’s head

Henecia Amino

They never said recently but it’s kinda a trend in JYPE


not familiar with this group but good luck to her and the other members


“JYP is always like this”

i wish lol i wish they would’ve kicked out those two bully dozens. lying lia and homeless kid got off lucky


This is sus
She was in the practice room some days ago and now she leaves???!!
Whats the scandal that jyp ended her contract so fast? Bully? Dating? Pregnancy?

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If this has something to do with bad image, I would like jyp to explain Lia and Hyunjin. It’s sooo sudden like wtf she was one of my faves!


These cyber bullies are the main reason. If you hate the song, its okay but yall keep spreading your toxic shits among others. She literally cried during her fan meeet.


this right here, hotheads and mean people on the internet really need to learn empathy 101.

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