Netizens react to Korea Exchange requesting HYBE disclose an official statement on whether it intends on purchasing SM shares

Korea Exchange has requested that HYBE disclose an official statement on whether it intends on purchasing SM shares

Deadline is until 6pm February 9th

1. I’ll have to wait for HYBE to confirm the rumors

2. This is how HYBE can join the battle as a white knight

3. If HYBE buys SM shares, will they become the largest shareholder?

4. Lee Soo Man is patheticㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think he said he didn’t sell it to HYBE in the pastㅋㅋ

5. In HYBE’s opinion, it is better to shake hands with Lee Soo Man or think of other measures than to let SM fall into Kakao’s hands. Since HYBE is ally with Naver, I’m curious what will happen

6. No, but the kids say that HYBE is exclusive, don’t you think Kakao is exclusive? There are many entertainment companies under Kakao, they produce and have their own platforms

7. Wow, but if HYBE really buys SM shares, they’ll be a legend

8. SM is collapsing

9. What happened to SM?

10. Seeing this, I wonder how much money BTS has made

11. But didn’t Lee Soo Man say no to HYBE? Why would he sell it to HYBE?

12. I can’t imagine SM under HYBEㅋㅋㅋ

13. Is he trying to sell his shares to HYBE to save himself from being evicted?

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well idk if this is true or not but obviously he wanted to go to Hybe cause Hybe will still give him a position to handle stuffs in SM . I mean even for labels under Hybe rn, clearly they have their own different managements , the CEOs of respective companies are still there managing everything.

He clearly still wants to be the producer for his groups like Aespa and since his nephew kicked him out to make a deal with Kakao , and Kakao and Align Partner is not on LSM’s side’s at all , his only way rn is to go to Hybe so he can retain and get back his position at SM.

Personally I don’t really care whether Hybe bought the shares or not, idgaf about SM like that but this whole thing is just interesting to read and keep up.

Btw Hybe buy the shares does not mean they will acquire SM. That’s like completely two different things


nah, he wants to retain his position in SM so he can continue using his little production company to embezzle the profits from SM and keep his pockets heavy

he doesn’t care about the artists at all


yep you could be true too, I meant he’s really passionate in creating Aespa and the whole metaverse tbh hence why I said he wanted to retain his position as executive producer but at the same time, he’s also , like what you said, want to continue to embezzle the money.

If only he didn’t create Like Planning and immediately pulled LP out, none of this would’ve happened but oh well he’s greedy and now he receive the consequences


It would be poetic if after LSM tried to get BangPD to sell them the rights of BTS, to hide them and stop them from being exodus’ competition, now BangPD’s company would be the one to buy sm. It would be funny to see the reaction of the group members free drinks.🤭

But I don’t think it will happen.


Really… I get angry when I think of all the bullshit Nct did 🤡


things change for real 😂!
hybe is now the one buying sm lmaoooo


flop company lmao sm stans seething 🤭

White cat

I need to remind yall that align partner happen because of that grandpa embezzling SM money toward his private company Like Planning. That how they convince the shareholders to ditch that grandpa. He get mad cause he still want total management right after selling his share yet he got back stabbed by his own nephew that get backup by kakao m. Hybe just got into this to avoid kakao m from getting the monopoly of plenty of kpop artist and their other sm subsidiary company. In the end .it started due to LSM greediness.


ahh i love to see karma in action…

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