Netizens react to KOZ’s response regarding BOYNEXTDOOR’s security issues at the airport

Notice related to BOYNEXTDOOR’s security issues at the airport

This is KOZ Entertainment.

We apologize to the fans for the problem caused by the inappropriate behavior of a bodyguard who was performing the security duties of BOYNEXTDOOR at Qingdao Airport on the 16th.

We have sent a separate apology message to those who were directly affected, and we have taken measures to ensure that the security personnel will not be placed on our artist’s site in the future.

We will make every effort to strengthen security guidance and education for security personnel to prevent such problems from occurring again.

Thank you.”

1. Who the hell do you think fans are? You don’t even treat them like humans

2. I hope that fan will sue no matter what ^^

3. They blame all problems on the bodyguards

4. So what will happen to that gangster?

5. Message… I think they need to compensate, not just apologize

6. Shouldn’t he be sued?

7. They only apologized when this appeared on the news, shameless

8. ? It wasn’t an apology message, it was about hospital fees and medical examination fees, stupid;;;;;;

9. I hope the victim will sue and receive adequate compensation

10. Is that person the only victim so far?

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