Netizens react to LE SSERAFIM ‘UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile Rodgers)’ OFFICIAL MV


1. The music video is so good that I keep watching it

2. I like it…. Especially Yunjin is so pretty

3. The song is good! The MV is like a movie

4. I can understand why they copied it, only the part that was copied is good

5. The music video is crazy

6. Out of all the K-pop MVs that I’ve watched recently, I think it’s the best quality

7. I’m surprised by Sakura’s rap, I like the song

8. Only the part that reminds me of Rosalia is good;;

9. Crazy, the song is good, the music video is good

10. I like the song and the music video ㅋㅋ

11. Except for the part that reminds me of Rosalia, the song’s composition seems boring

12. Kazuha has really improved a lot

13. The music video is crazy

14. The song is not as good as I thought, but the MV is so amazing

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The song is not my type so I will pass it.
But the MV is good reminds me of girl group MV in 90’s

spicy spice

why tf you got downvotes lmao


Hybe stans pressed here


Knetz new hobby: bring rosalia in every lesserafim article


Not their fan but this is too much lol

dot com bubble

Knetz=Kakao intern LOL


these people are trying hard I wonder if its kakao again lol

anyways the song is extremely good I am proud of lsf


definitely not kakao.

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Yall are really embarrassing for made up this shit and believe it😂😂😂


Just to have someone to blame.

dot com bubble

Made up LMAO. The Fair Trade Commission caught them spreading the rumors and they admitted to it, apologized and closed down the page that they were using to spread bad rumors about other groups, wdym made up shit. Here’s the source for you LOL.

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Logic Thinker



Rosalia? Knetz are ridiculous af. But its not weird from knetz..they literally think criminalbang especially gdruggie are god and talented when gdruggie literally the one who plagiarism western artist lol. Remember the florida one lol


Dives find a new hobby please, it’s getting embarrassing.


You really want to create fanwars i guess.
You are the embarrassing one, assuming something you don’t have proof of.


You really obsessed with dives and ive but guess what you lr group are still not touching ive even with all these privileges


Why you make like ive didn’t have the same privilege? Lol. They literally have 2 izone member and from famous comp that have popular senior gg (sistar and gfriend). And their comp are supported by big corporation aka hybe and kakao lol. None top 4th gen gg are from small and bankrupt comp lol (probably only stayc but their producer is famous and have money)


Gfriend under starship when? lmaooo compny stans aka fearnots are dmd, your sunbaenims are the biggest bg in the world and with thse challenge still you can’t reach ive, stay pressed.


Pretty sure the user said both grp have 2 izone member and both have popular senior (sistar for ive and gfriend for lesserafim). Oh please army especially k-army didnt give a damn abt newjeans or lesserafim (probably only comp stan and multi lol). Even majority of army didnt even care abt txt even txt basically the true bts’ junior lol. Well at the end, ive and lesserafim have almost the same privilege..dont make like ive is from nugu and bankrupt comp lol


Can hybe or source do something? Its so annoying that these stupid knetz are bringing rosalia in every lesserafim article when the song sounds nothing like rosalia


It’s probably bc this kind of thing is only in these gossip posts and in not actual news (not in the fandom, so correct me if I’m wrong on this). And no one with any legal authority (like another artist or label) has said anything either.

All this fuss by netz just holds no water, so it would look weird/sus if Hybe/Source’s side were the first to make a public fuss abt smt that’s basically just a baseless rumor.

Now, if the artists and/or producers put up a blurb/smt on their sns on their own, that’d be fine, but that probably wouldn’t happen unless these trolls made bigger noise that it interferes with the cb.

Last edited 4 months ago by EMs

Two days ago Knetz didn’t know who Rosalia was and now it turns out that they are experts in her music and recognize that part of LSF’s song is the same as Rosalia’s. Do yourselves a favor, stop talking nonsense and listen to a little more music, let’s see if you educate your ear this way. 

By the way, this cowboy theme I don’t remember seeing it much in kpop, and even less in gg, well by Le sserafim!


Antifragile 2.0

Last edited 4 months ago by 4nia

You need to clean your ear. You probably have same ear as those stupid knetz lol


So if I say Antifragile 2.0, it means that it sounds the same?
It’s literally their concept, and it has the same felling to antifragile which is a good song. The mv and outfits too are a bit similar to antifragile era but with a bigger budget.
You guys are just funny at this point.


not le sserafim serving everything and nothing less for this era?? might stan I’m afraid


hags and casting show leftovers..


It’s a HIT! It’ll go double-platinium in MY household!


Mark my words they will be a bigger than newjeans


wow the amount of upvotes and downvotes here, seems like most kpop twt is using this site now


underwhelming… their weakest release so far


why are these butthurt loser fans downvoting me? i’m allowed to have an opinion lol


kpop really sucks nowadays. one mid release after another

uga uga

This song sucks. Anti-fragile also sucked but this one sucks more.
I really thought they would be something when Fearless came out, but seems like they are trying to make them the second “itzy” and people will grow tired of this shit soon if they can’t come up with something better next time

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