Netizens react to Nam Tae Hyun being caught by the police for drunk driving

[Exclusive] Nam Tae Hyun, drunk driving in Gangnam, the taxi was damaged

1. I’m not surprised, I feel sorry for the taxi driver

2. Wow, it’s amazing that I’m not really surprised at all


4. What’s even funnier is that no one is surprised

5. Celebrities don’t realize anything even after reading articles, what is their learning ability?

6. Disappointed but not surprised

7. Well, I’m not surprised because it’s Nam Tae Hyun

8. Why do celebrities keep driving while drunk? ㅠㅠ Please stop… Don’t you know what you shouldn’t do???

9. He’s from YG, right?

10. I’m not surprised at all

11. Those who drink and drive should be severely punished

12. As expected, he hasn’t changed

13. But I’m not really surprised…

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