Netizens react to NewJeans ‘Zero’ official MV

NewJeans ‘Zero’ Official MV

1. I thought it was a new song, but it’s a promotional single for Coca-Colaㅋㅋ So cute

2. They’re cute and nice, I really like NewJeans

3. The combination of Coca-Cola and NewJeans is so good

4. Seriously, the song is better than I thought, Minji looks like an actress

5. Haerin is prettyㅋㅋㅋㅋ The song is good and it’s a promotional song but the quality is also good

6. Haerin’s voice is so good

7. Danielle is so pretty

8. I love the song, even the music video is good

9. Minji really has actress vibes

10. Haerin’s part is so good

11. I didn’t expect it because it’s a promotional song, but it’s good

12. The MV is so pretty and the NewJeans members are so pretty too

13. Well, looks like Coca-Cola paid a lot of money for advertising

14. The song is good and interesting

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not sure what I feel about this song, it’s totally a new sound for me , like it’s not that bad but I don’t think it’s that good either but oh well this is just a coca cola song


boring song tbh

Jennie can't sing bc GD's cock is in her mouth

Jealous blonk


I think it will be received well. I know people are kind of shocked by the chorus but it sounds like the Chant from Squid Game… so I suspect ppl will get over it after today.

My Future is Zero

Just like an empty dream, the song is zero to me.


It rise on melon. The song is ridiculous. Well its for cf but tf it rise on melon. At this point even they release the sound of their fart, korean will eat up

Your dad

Guess knets don’t care for music if they eating a promotional song up

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