Netizens react to pre-orders for Stray Kids’s ‘MAXIDENT’ surpassing 2.2 million copies

Pre-orders for Stray Kids’s ‘MAXIDENT’ surpass 2.2 million copies

According to JYP Entertainment on the 29th, ‘MAXIDENT’, scheduled for release on October 7, has reached 2.24 million pre-orders as of the afternoon of the 28th

1. Honestly, looking at their results overseas these days, I know that Stray Kids will do betterㅋㅋ I’m also curious about their comeback

2. Guys, I think they’ll make it to the Billboard Hot 100 this time

3. Stray Kids is getting bigger and bigger

4. They composed all of their songs themselves, and their live singing skills are so good, so I think they will do even better in the future

5. They’re already popular overseas, but looks like they’re so popular in China. Well~ Congratulations!

6. Stray Kids will do even better in the future

7. I hope this album will be a big hit

8. Stray Kids fighting

9. Wow Stray Kids is amazing

10. Daebak, I’m curious about their comeback

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