Netizens react to SNSD Tiffany Young saying that idols these days are so lazy

Tiffany Young, “there’s something called individual fancam recording… Idols are rehearsing so lazily these days”

SNSD Tiffany Young left a harsh comment about her junior idols

Tiffany appeared as a special guest on the May 19 episode of ‘Radio Star’ and she said, “These days, there’s something called individual fancam recording, so maybe that’s why idols are so lax (lazy). So when I saw it, I thought, ‘These kids are rehearsing so lazily’ and ‘Why are they doing it so half-heartedly?'”

1. Idols are working so hard these days, unnie ^^

2. Did she change her stage name to Tiffany Young? She looks like an old lady

3. What’s interesting is that idols these days have harder choreography and dance better than 2nd generation idols

4. But why did she change from Tiffany to Tiffany Young??

5. Tiffany is still pretty and charming

6. ????????

7. Looking at the rehearsal fancams, all the 4th and 5th generations are working hard

8. Well, even though she doesn’t have any famous solo songs

9. Why are reporters like this?

10. Tiffany, are you crazy?

11. (((Tiffany)))

12. No, but wouldn’t it be touching if Tiffany gave them advice?

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