Netizens react to Zico apologizing for creating the ‘Dance Challenge’ trend

‘Dance Challenge founder’ Zico “I’m receiving a lot of anger”… apologizes to idols

Zico, “Usually, singers rest or practice for their performance during the break. But nowadays, they have to meet up with their colleagues and film ‘challenge’ videos. They also have to know all the others’ choreography. So I apologize now that I’m here.”

1. Dance challenges are no longer fun for me

2. Is this Zico’s fault??? It’s just the trend of the times, and the song is loved thanks to the dance challenge

3. Even without Zico, it would have spread soon

4. It’s a trend, not Zico’s fault

5. But even if it wasn’t Zico, someone else would have started it and it would have become popular…

6. I’ve seen people criticize Zico, but they’re crazy. What’s wrong with making dance challenges popular?

7. It’s hard to say it’s Zico’s fault???

8. I don’t think Zico did anything wrong, but honestly, I don’t like the dance challenge anymore

9. Why are you guys criticizing Zico?

10. Idols are trying to promote their own songs, but who is to blame?

11. It’s not Zico’s fault

12. But even if Zico didn’t do it, dancing has been popular on TikTok for a long time. If it weren’t for Zico, the challenge would still be popular

13. I wish it would stop

14. If TikTok disappears, it will disappear on its own

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