Netizens realize how popular BLACKPINK Jisoo is overseas after her debut album pre-orders surpass 1.24 million copies

BLACKPINK Jisoo, debut album pre-orders surpass 1.24 million copies ‘female solo artist record’

According to YG Entertainment on March 28, ‘ME’ surpassed 1.24 million pre-orders in just three weeks

This is the highest number ever for a single album by a female K-pop solo artist

[+118, -19]

1. [+48, -2] Wow, 1.24 million copies for a female solo artist, seriously daebak

2. [+36, -2] I hope it hits 1.3 million copies in the time leftㄷㄷ

3. [+33, -2] Every time the BLACKPINK members make their solo debuts, they seem to change records

4. [+31, -2] I’m looking forward to her first week album salesㄷㄷ

5. [+29, -9] It has sold over 700,000 copies in China, the highest number for a K-pop solo single album

6. [+15, -2] Wow solo female idol who sold over 1 million copies… I can feel that Jisoo’s worldwide popularity has really increased

7. [+11, -2] She will make history as the first female idol to sell 1 million copies in the first weekㄷㄷ

8. [+11, -0] Daebak

9. [+10, -2] I thought her style didn’t seem appropriate overseas, but I’m surprised that Jisoo is so popular, especially overseas.. I was surprised to see her popularity in Europe

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“worldwide popularity” and then it’s just chinese solo stans bulk buying 😭😭


still worldwide.

Ladyboy lisa

Still worldwide? Look at this delusional blink 🤣


Flopsoo coming to give us nothing

Ladyboy lisa

😂😂 worldwide?? Just china and SEA bulk buying 😅


lol you are from SEA

Ladyboy lisa



YG is trying hard to boost the sales by announcing pre order sales twice. I bet they gonna announce again on thursday/friday.

WhatsThe Point

It’s just a pre-order and they’re already calling her million seller lmaooo. They really don’t know the difference between pre-orders and sales


I guess you dont know how preorder work. you buy the album online through amazon before the release dates also consider preorder. they already secure the money and counting the album sales on website

WhatsThe Point

Yes pre-order is a sale but calling her a million seller when its not even released or shipped yet? Y’all are stupid. She’d be a million seller if those many actually get shipped


The China downvotes because knets wanna pretend she’s someone in the west, when the fact is the Chinese ppl Koreans hate so much are keeping her from flopping like they do with all of BP’s physical albums. 😭😭

Last edited 8 months ago by Tovey

And BP sales still make it to ifpi chart while twice the so call famous in us no show on the list


I’m trully disgusted by every user here. How are you even living in the same world with me? Reading the comments about spotify man was literally the worst thing in a while. how can no one say something against this except me? and these comments get likes? I understand not staining, criticizing,hating the songs and concept. these are ok. but what does “spreading legs” mean? you guys are not human beings and deserve the worst, I have zero belief in your improvement about anything, just stay away from women who actually did something significant and worth to remember. now you terrible creatures are gonna say ” have you seen what blinks did, say and stuff…” YES Ive seen 3 bad comments that actually come from stray kids fan that try to look like blinks. and their comments are not as horrible as your dirty comments. GO GET MENTAL HEALTH EVERYONE


now give me the down votes because someone actually told the truth for once


Thank u for saying something close to actual human being would say


thank YOU, finally someone who has a sense of morality and humanity. these trolls are beyond and uneducated asf. some admin posted something about bts fans and bp, watch them now attacking bp and blinks hard.

Ladyboy lisa

Awww blink so innocent 😇, don’t cry 😭😭😭


I trully pity you, your family and the country you live. what a waste of work in every aspect never going to be someone useful for the world. oppositely, always harmful especially to yourself

Ladyboy lisa

Aww tq


Wait…I’m confused. So the so called Million Seller was announced by YG itself? I thought it would be Gaon or Hanteo. But YG? And its only Pre Orders. Sigh…YG why don’t you keep your mouth shut and just let the fact talk. Always doing excessive mediaplay and make the fans of the artist really believe its happened.


Desperate comp lol


Overseas = China


mass buying for stiffsoo just for her and her “worldwide popularity” to end up where she belongs, alongside her bandmate. TRASH must stick together.


Who’s gonna sing

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