Netizens realize the origin and reason for BTS’s success after watching the ‘Run BTS’ dance practice video

The dance practice video for BTS’ “Run BTS”, which was first released at the Busan concert, has been released

1. Jin’s dance line is so pretty!!!

2. As expected from BTS, this is why they are so popular all over the world. J-Hope is really the best, I can’t take my eyes off him

3. Kim Taehyung is crazy

4. That’s really why I like BTS…. The members all dance well and are cool

5. Jungkook’s energy is crazy, he’s a stage genius

6. I also think this is the origin of BTS

7. It’s been 10 years, but every time I see BTS dancing, I’m surprised

8. Taehyung’s expressions are so good

9. Jungkook’s strength is amazing, everyone dances well

10. I’m not a fan, I really like the ‘Mic Drop’ dance practice video, but this is the second best video.. BTS is amazing

11. Seriously, this is the reason for BTS’s success

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