Netizens recognize LE SSERAFIM as the girl group that’s good at dancing now

LE SSERAFIM ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ special performance video released

1. Wow, they must have practiced a lot, the pacing is really fast, but there was a lot of choreography and no time to rest

2. They are so good, I can see that they really worked hard to prepare, it’s amazing…

3. Are they a group that’s good at dancing? Sakura looks so good now

4. I can only see Chaewon and Yunjin. Especially Chaewon, she’s full of talent

5. Wow, they’re really good, the best idol girl group I’ve ever seen

6. The choreography is so difficult, but they don’t have any dance holes

7. The choreography is great, it suits the song so well

8. No, how do they dance that choreography? Wow, seriously, this is my first time seeing an idol girl group dance like that

9. They seem really good on stage, especially Chaewon

10. They dance so well, they’re crazy

11. Well, I think I’ll become a fan

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