Netizens refute “SM has their tradition, HYBE is nothing but BTS”

Seriously, HYBE doesn’t have anything other than BTS

TXT, Seventeen, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, no matter how hard they try, they can’t break through SM’s tradition

Congratulations on the merger between Kakao and SM

[+71, -151]

1. [+108, -4] The 3rd generation of SM was defeated by BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and the 4th generation was defeated by TXT, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, so what is the tradition of SM? All SM groups were defeated by BTS, so what are they proud of?

2. [+97, -3] ? Even if we bring out SM history, it will be defeated by BTSㅋㅋㅋㅋ And please, I want SM to merge with Kakao, so can you stop tying my idols to SM?

3. [+55, -5] It’s true that HYBE is nothing but BTS, but what is the tradition of SM??ㅋ

4. [+51, -1] Looks like SM stans are too proud of SM

5. [+13, -0] But SM’s history ended at the end of the 2nd generation.. The 3rd and 4th generation were both defeated by other agenciesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+10, -0] What the hell are you talking about?;;;

7. [+9, -0] Is that why the SM tradition that Lee Soo Man is talking about is legalizing marijuana? The man that they call father created the religion for the kids, and it’s a wonderful tradition

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SM’s tradition is creating the “dark side of kpop” .

they always have the craziest sasaeng, idk why

The darkest side of kpop is army like wbk

Lazy Banana

Who is “we” in wbk lmao


ok then stay pressed

Lee Soo Man has been taking black money and making secret contracts for 23 years. And SM executives didn’t shut up about it. I love the way they defend themselves.

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Enhypen are such flops LMFAO. HYBE Please hurry up and ditch CJ ENM. They’re going to back stab you. You’ve given them BTS producers, choreographers, SONGS, BTS have given them PRIVILEGE, and they’re still useless as shit.


And the funniest thing is that Enhypen fans get mad when Hybe in some articles excludes them when they are a group with no impressive records and 0 impact in Korea, just an average bg, they are ruining Hybe’s reputation and their latest songs are bad.

Grace Walker

Enhypen, is not under Hybe, but Belift and CJ Entertainment.


belift is under hybe too


are you kidding? they are the 3rd best seller in hybe


Im hybe fan and I agree 100% I hope that this group stops being related to hybe, we have txt which is enough because its a quite popular group we don’t need another failure in the company, I hope fromis and enhypen are not related to hybe never again


enhypen are big stfup


I wish so too, hybe even related their Japanese gourp &team to enhypen through their storyline ugh, just drop that group. &Team fans are really pissed about that link, I heard.


What the fuck this people are talking about😃😃😃 I’m not an engine, but enhypen are amazing, and they definitely will become even bigger than they are now
Toxic trolls should shut up


enhypen sell 1.6m ever cb !
& they sold ever concert tickets very fast lmao get a life


Yes, stay away from HYBE, BTS and all that BTS privilege. Thank you 🙂

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Say that to Hitman Bang instead


he’s doing too much charity for ungrateful people, he should stop and focus on hybe’s current groups


He and his endless greed


SM’s tradition is normalize lipsync as a genre




Sm stan, either in k-side or i-side, are the same pos breed


They are always the worst trolls no matter the language


Remember that among the Big 4 companies, only SM has no artist who charted in Billboard Hot 100. Their tradition is nothing but being flops


2. [+97, -3] ? Even if we bring out SM history, it will be defeated by BTSㅋㅋㅋㅋ

point blank.

HYBE should’ve minded their own and let these people and their entire cult deal with Kakao actually.


I mean it’s true hybe eyed on sm but lsm himself came to hybe to sell his shares. i do think hybe should leave sm on fire right now though

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Yeah this isn’t about SM, if Kakao gets a foothold in kpop, which is what this will give them, then they actually could become a monopoly and destroy the industry. They’re a tech conglomerate and they’ve done it other sectors. That’s why Bang PD is trying to stop it.
Just look up all of Kakao’s other scandals and legal problems. That’s what they’ll do in kpop.

Sm “pink bloods” are too blind bc of their hate for bts and hybe. Youvpresent them with actual facts and they pretend not to see


SM’s tradition is slavery contracts, members dropping out, and blacklisting former artists.

SM’s current state is being curbstomped by HYBE idols in every single metric imaginable and being invisible in the western hemisphere.


Funny cuz SM new plans is to be like Hybe lol


And that would hurt their pride if hybe acquires them.


SM only has 1 tradition, slave contracts. Lol


The absolute funniest thing I see from all this is SM stans, literally the founders of company stanning, are accusing people calling this Kakao merger awful hybe company stans. Nah you just drank up that propaganda for 2 decades and made a company your identity.


The “pink bloods” that are sm employee company stans is prob the cringiest revelation to come out of this


We weren’t kidding when we said bts are more known than kpop. And hybe is nothing without bts. There’s nothing hybe hasn’t done so far to reduce their commitment to BTS. But clearly bts will always be their main source of income 😏



White cat

They can keep their “traditions” and shove it up their azz. Nobody care anymore. There more new regarding their ceo embezzling their fav.maybe that the traditions???


BTS is a legend in the music world, they have achieved what no other asian group has even dreamed of, that sm will stick with their tradition of lip syncing and daesang buying.


Just reading the title is enough. What kind of tradition they have? Lip syncing? Holding hands and pray before family concert? Assemble super boy/girl group in order to beat BTS/other hybe gg? 😂


Sm “traditions” are criney, dated and toxic


Only fool get used to SM propaganda

Their evils company finally collapse


sm’s tradition= flopping

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