Netizens say Baby Monster Ahyeon will be the next Jennie after watching her introducing video

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER – Introducing AHYEON

Baemon Ahyeon (07)

1. As I thought at first, she’s seriously pretty and charming. I’m looking forward to her debut

2. Wow… Is she 15 years old? She’s pretty, good at dancing and rapping, good at foreign languages, including English and Chinese

3. She’s seriously so good, she will be the center

4. She’ll be the next Jennie, and she’s the visual member, she sings, dances, raps and even speaks foreign languages… She was born in 2007… Wow, is she the best female idol?

5. I watched the video and she seems to be the center of the group, she’s good at everything in terms of looks, singing, dancing, rapping, English and Chinese

6. I think Ahyeon will be the center

7. I’m really looking forward to her debut, she was born to be an idolㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Her voice is really pretty, she sings well and raps well

9. I can see how good her skills are. All the members are doing well, so I can’t wait to see how they release the song

10. She’s good at singing, dancing and rapping

11. I’m sure she’ll be a popular member

12. No, she’s really good at everything and she’s so pretty

13. Wow, seriously, there’s nothing she can’t do

14. Wow she’s really pretty and she’s good at everything… She even raps in foreign languages

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You definitely don’t want to be seoul cycle 😅

bts army7263

worry abt bts being the seoul cycle in the military


Worry about yourself being a failure in this life


bts : I do nothing & get involved in stupid sh!t


bts are chiefs in the army 😂 meanwhile your girls are kissing gays & married men lol


Army stop bullying minorschallenge!


army: I do nothing & get involved in stupid 💩


yg will definitely make her into a new jennie. it’s basically an empty house rn and they need someone to make noise.


and they made chiquitta similar to lisa


YG can’t afford to make noise. They can’t compete against the Hybe and SM and starship who’s besties with the Kokaos and CJ e&m. Jennie’s sliding by cuz her moms rumoured to be a director at CJ. Lisa lucked out for having SEA on her side. Look at Rose she basically in the same boat as the other YG artists, all the effort and no noise.


I’m sorry being the next Jennie is not a compliment.

What up with these fools obsessed with such mediocre people


Another one being Irene


there are jennie and lisa in this group. is YG making a clone or what


Don’t praise her too much or she will become a lazy ass like jennie.

And YG always copying their previous artists, just like when they made blackpink to replace 2ne1. Now YG will absolutely make 2nd blackpink, and do you know what’s next when baby monster gain the popularity? YG will throw away blackpink like what they did to 2ne1.
Early congratulations for blackpink and blinks ❤️

seungri is free

ahyeon and japanese girls is ok 🙂 + 2 ugly koreans and 2 thai monkeys. at least looks like a visual flop

Last edited 26 days ago by seungri is free

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she’s like an upgrade of jennie

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