Netizens say BLACKPINK is living in another world after seeing their outfits at the concert

BLACKPINK concert outfits today

During the concert in Paris, they all wore their own brands, Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, and Celine ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Seriously, they’re pretty princesses…

[+240, -52]

1. [+53, -5] Wow seriously, it’s great that their own brands made outfits for their concert…ㅠ… For real, they’re living in another world

2. [+52, -13] Jisoo looks like a princess and Lisa really looks like a pop starㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Rosé has the dangerous aura of someone riding a motorcycle, it suits her so well

3. [+46, -13] Jennie is f*cking pretty… There’s something about her style that reminds me of her SOLO era

4. [+44, -9] I wish Rosé would do the rock star concept even once

5. [+37, -7] Wow Lisa…

6. [+21, -12] Wow crazy, I think I like Jennie’s outfit the most

7. [+21, -46] I think Jisoo needs to go on a diet

8. [+13, -1] The outfits of any brand are pretty, but I was surprised when I saw the first lady of France also went to the BLACKPINK concert

9. [+12, -7] Everything is pretty, but I like Rosé’s style

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How are these outfits any different than what other idols wear?


Because its an expensive brand.


So just different marketing? Gotcha


What gotcha moment are you talking about? LMAO. It’s literally the brand that they are Global Ambassadors for, they specifically designed those outfits for them to use in their concert.


Gotcha moment? Do you live on twitter 😭

Last edited 9 months ago by Tng

It’s literally the brand that they are Global Ambassadors for, they specifically designed those outfits for them to use in their concert.


Those idols paid to wear those brand but bp girlies were paid to wear them. Those are the difference


Mid outfits to go with their mid performance. Iktr


pressed, depressed, Blackpink obsessed. Ikr


Worry about your oppa been obsessed with suits 24/7


Wtf ? being obsessed with suits is a drag now ?
Y’all r so stupid and never gonna change


Go tell your fellow dumb army to stop coming for the girls outfits. Gotta keep the same energy yknow

Dot Com

Who? Taehyung???? My guy made suits relevant again, got your kpop fads walking around like Taehyung 2.0 and you think it’s a drag????


When did suits became irrelevant in the first place? lmao dumb army

Dot Com

You fucking dipshit. If it was never irrelevant than where is the drag on wearing suits.

But we all know suits are not the norm in kpop and Tae made that shit trendy otherwise you all wouldn’t even know about his love of suits.

Lazy Banana

Then why tf are you criticizing him for wearing them??? Istg everyday I encounter blinks, I realize they have rocks where their brains should be

Jennie is ho

That’s all what they are getting praised for, nothing about performance and singing 😭😭😭


There are praise for their performances and singing but you are a hater.

Dot Com

Girl ain’t no one ever said any one of those billy goats can sing let alone put on a good performance. You guys be lying even to yourselves


You are coming to their outfit article tho dumb hag


Bro knetz be eating YG shit😂😂😂 it’s not even that outstanding?? Knetz are asslickers


The same knetz that asslick every kpop idols and drag them to hell


Its not like you can afford dior, chanel, ysl n celine too


Do you really genuinely think these are knetz? Korean gp don’t have time to waste on k-pop forums that too of pann I can assure you that. And other Korean netz who are fans of other groups are known for never or rarely commenting on praise posts of other k-pop artists. Left is korean blinks. That what these are not knetz.


So those negative Pann posts about BP is not from knetz?? Okay good


Ubfortunately designer rags do not magically give them talent. The most mid group to exist made popular by brand propoganda and clever marketing. Nothing behind these eyes. Everytime they open their mouth its something vapid or vain


I love how Blackpink make y’all blood boils.😂 Always getting these pressed stans mad and write essays for them 🥺


not their fault your oppa contract with lv ended for only 1 year, zero impact

Dot Com

Is that what yawl tell yourselves? The boys were going to the military and also starting solo careers. Stop acting like BTS could ever flop in advertisements when they made it possible your your coatriding hags to advertise worldwide. The audacity

Lazy Banana

Of course yall are obsessed with brands bc that’s all you can ever be proud of. Blackpink is supposedly a group of singers but they have no musical achievements to be proud about, right? No daesang in their home country, no award from the Big 3 in the US: BBMAs, AMAs, Grammys. Just a trash VMAs and not even the Group of the Year award. That’s why yall are focused on brands, bc that’s what your favs are: glorified influencers.

spicy spice

yet they join that ‘save the earth’ campaign lol



spicy spice

everyone know how bad fashion industry waste for environment lol


Yeaah…they looked gorgeous and so on. Maybe to make up for the lack of performances. Really, they should focus more on the ACTUAL performance bcs they are artists who perfomed at the concert, not catwalk models who focus on dresses. They should make their perfomances stand out more, instead of make their outfit stand out.

Lazy Banana

If only they perform half as well as they dress lmaooooo


U better go stream wild flower instead because that song is free falling on chart as we speak

Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.

skapa binance-konto

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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