Netizens say BLACKPINK is the best girl group ever after they were named Entertainer of the Year on Time Magazine

BLACKPINK is Entertainer of the Year on Time Magazine

2022 was BLACKPINK

Last year, Olivia got it!

2020 was BTS!

[+283, -45]

1. [+74, -8] BLACKPINK is the representative beneficiary of Pann-hate = successㅋㅋ

2. [+68, -6] Queen BLACKPINK is amazing

3. [+56, -5] Queenpink

4. [+53, -3] Congrats congrats

5. [+50, -5] Legendary

6. [+36, -7] F*ck, seeing the comments here, I can understand why BLACKPINK releases so many songs for hatersㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+28, -2] These girls are seriously daebak. People say that they’re the girl group that surpasses Spice Girls, but they’re always bashed in their own country

8. [+22, -2] BLACKPINK gets a lot of hate on Pann these days, but Pann-hate = success

9. [+21, -4] BLACKPINK is so cool, the best girl group ever

10. [+21, -3] Wow Lisa is so pretty

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Dot com

Their own fans don’t believe they deserve this. Media play is an addiction at YG


sources= voices in your head, bp deserved your nugu faves wished they were them


lol it’s embarrassing how blinks eat this title up as if bp girlies deserve them. their performance this year is nothing compared to bad bunny, taylor swift or harry styles.

artists who are actually selling out stadiums and are consistent at the charts. blinks will consistently bring up youtube stats (thailand streaming farms, anyone?) but are silent when it comes to concert and chart stats.

i’d rather not have my faves win titles and awards that are obviously paid for tbh makes their win embarrassing.

Dot com

Ironic since Midpink are exactly nugus in America and really anywhere that’s not Asia. My faves certain wouldn’t wish to go backward in achievements and work ethic to be like your lazy spoiled dozens. Only thing BP deserves is disbandment. Copy.

Jennie Hooo

They are really good ‘entertainer’ 😏😏 Jeremy agree 👍


maybe just blame yg for mediaplay and paying spotify for deals instead of sl/t shaming the girls? how archaic and disgusting is your mindset that that’s where your thoughts go when you see them hang out with that jeremy guy?


i can’t take this seriously when blinks trended that hashtag about jm and bang pd

Dot com

Blinks don’t wanna be slut shamed then they should take care not to shlutshame and worse themselves. No one ever ask blinks not to be inhumane trash but suddenly humanity should be switched on because their women.

Would never defend them girls/fandom against slut shaming much less a papercut.


Weird how they’re entertainer of the year when they didn’t achieve anything big this year while the other 3 did in their respective years.

Bad Bunny, beyonce and Taylor got robbed. Especially Bad Bunny!


And people wanna claim they didn’t get special treatment?! Lmfao

How’d they get this without any significant impact?


no shame 💀💀


Jin on his knees begging for song from coldplay yet still flop


lol isn’t that bp with selena, lady gaga and cardi b?

esp selena lol all that promo for ice cream to flop so hard them

fact – selena got them their highest entry at bb hot 100 (13th)
fact – bts got their western collabs their highest entries at bb hot 100

Dot com

How did he flop? Meanwhile rose on her knees in a nyc hotel room for Jeremy and her song still flopped. Like be serious


go look at his charting now, nowhere on the chart even on his own country🤣 at least bp 2years leaked songs did chart properly

Dot com

Are you dumb? It charted thanks to Jeremy and flew off the charts as soon as the deal expired. The song got nothing but tomato 🍅 tomato 🍅 in the reviews and your girlies song was beat down by 4th gen gg? Be so serious when discussing the failure that was midpinks comeback


I guess Bad Bunny or Harry Styles didn’t wanna give them an interview 🙁


token stan 🤣🤣 go buy their music first of all


BP are shameless. The level of pay to play is embarrassing and their legacy will reflect it

WhatsThe Point

Not one article of them w/o mentioning tannies.. but when BTS were featured in 2020, all the talks were of them and then only, no riding on others fame


For reals? Lmfao

Always cottail riding can’t get taken seriously unless they mention bts




looks like pr tbh

given the timing, they probably expected bp to blow up after their vmas performance and haven’t had time to change the cover when they didn’t

bad bunny, taylor or harry styles would make perfect sense since they had a bigger year than blackpink


Where’s all the blinks at? Why aren’t yall defending them this time?

Guess yall don’t think bp deserves entertainer of the year either lmao


blinks arent that jobless camping at bp article 24/7 unlike that obsessed second fandom


Talking all that yet you’re here lol

Blinks are always here they just avoid the ones they can’t defend lol or else they’d be rubbing this achievement in everyone’s faces lol


Maybe because this is a bp related article and blinks are their fans? why are u here again?


right. blinks are busy booking streaming farm locations in thailand and organizing mass dislike projects and harassing other groups online

Dot com

How you have a second fandom when you don’t even have a first????


💀 everything about this group is fake and bought

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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