Netizens say NewJeans’ influence on the idol industry is huge after seeing IVE dressed like NewJeans

Looks like NewJeans’ influence on the idol industry is huge

I think this is my first time seeing IVE dressed like this

Isn’t this totally the outfits that NewJeans wore during Cookie??

I’m not creating controversy, but those were my favorite stage outfits from NewJeans at that time, it was amazing and pretty

[+175, -197]

1. [+128, -15] Gorpcore is just the trend lately

2. [+121, -68] Sorry but the gorpcore look always exists… I hope you fix your over inflated ego ㅠㅠ

3. [+91, -78] But for real, looks like female idols have been wearing it since NewJeans..

4. [+79, -15] I think I’ve seen a lot of clothes like this before though

5. [+70, -12] At this rate, are you a NewJeans anti?

6. [+55, -36] Even if it was gorpcore trend, NewJeans started it as idols at that time

7. [+29, -4] Didn’t Taeyeon start it? Followed by NewJeansㅋ

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