Netizens say that 1st place of Melon yearly chart is confirmed after seeing NewJeans Ditto’s performance on Melon Top 100 since December 2022

NewJeans Ditto’s performance on Melon Top 100 since December 2022

1. Ditto’s addictiveness is amazingㅋㅋ I also like the choreography

2. Ditto is the song I listen to when I wake up in the morning. I think I’ll be like this all yearㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I listen to it every day, NewJeans please release new songs

4. I’m not tired of listening to NewJeans songs

5. But Ditto isn’t even the title song, this is daebak

6. But I’m not tired of listening to NewJeans songs.. I still listen Attention

7. I have all the NewJeans songs on my playlist and I still listen to Hype Boy

8. I really like it. I hope NewJeans will be back soon ㅠㅠ

9. The more I listen to Ditto, the more I like it and all NewJeans songs so far are good

10. I don’t get tired of listening to Ditto

11. Wow that’s crazy….. I still listen to it every day and I love the choreograph

12. Ditto broke all records

13. 1st place of Melon yearly chart confirmed

14. But I don’t really get tired of it

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one of the sotys definitely on their hand, they got a long period of tracking time for ditto since it’s released in Dec, there are rumors of them coming out with a full album this year too so yeah it’s sealed, with how Ador promotes them too, that album is going to do well.

seeing how well ive is doing with kitsch that have mixed opinions, there’s no doubt newjeans will be doing well too. Both of them are the k-gps’ favorite.


BTS fangirls are on suicide watch 😂

“NOOOO! It’s IMPOSSIBLE! 😭 Surely one of the 103 songs BTS members released this year must be song of the year!!1 BTS are the BEST AND MOST BELOVED GROUP ON EAAARRRRRTTTHHH!!!!😭”

Nobody cares about their flop singles outside of their overweight incel fanbase. Go lose some weight, Army – it’s embarrassing that Jimin weighs a lot less than most of his female fans – 55kg/120lbs

Color color stan

Larry you are 100% a loser behind your screen because istg nobody who actually is good looking and rich and stable is gonna comment like this 😂 you are projecting to armys too much when you’re probably the obese one

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