Netizens say that Aespa looks too much like Karina and her back dancers

But Aespa is too much like Karina and her back dancers

Even in this high-teen concept, only Karina has pink blonde hair and the other members have black hair

Only she wears pink clothes, so the other members look like back dancers

1. Winter also wears a pink t-shirt but are you saying Aespa is Karina and her back dancers?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I think Winter’s clothes and shoes also have pink on them??

3. Is this their coordi’s fault?

4. What are you saying?

5. You’re right

6. Hul she bleached her hair?

7. But honestly, the other members dyed and styled their hair a lot

8. It’s true that she’s the only one standing out

9. She’s the only one wearing pink clothes and a pink headband

10. SM always tries to push Karina

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Karina was popular even before debut so the buzz around her is expected. I don’t think there’s an imbalance in how much the members are pushed because they’ve always done everything together. Only now we’re starting to see the members have solo schedules.

I do agree that they need to revamp their styling team. Sometimes, they look amazing and sometimes they’re a complete miss. The fits they choose for Giselle are particularly unflattering, like they have no understanding on how to dress anyone that doesn’t look like a skinny mannequin.

And for God’s sake, free the girls’ scalps from the hair bleach and those extensions they’ve been wearing since forever! Their hair is really the least of their concerns now.

In the words of Miss Ningning: ‘where’s 👏 your 👏 album???!!!’

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