Netizens say that BLACKPINK Jennie’s new photos for Hera are legendary

‘HERA’ Global ambassador BLACKPINK Jennie NEW campaign pictorial

1. Wow why is she so cute and pretty?

2. I can understand why they use Jennie as their model..

3. It’s amazing how Jennie has remained hot for so many years

4. No matter how she wears makeup, I’m really jealous of her face

5. Wow this hair suits her

6. I can’t help but save the first photo

7. As soon as I clicked on it, I was surprised when I saw the first photo, it’s beautiful

8. She’s so charming

9. Wow, the first photo is cute and pretty

10. She’s so pretty everytime I see her

11. I gasped when I saw the first photo… She’s so pretty

12. These photos are legendary

13. Hera and Jennie match well

14. The first photo is crazy

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