Netizens say that BLACKPINK Jisoo is the #1 beauty in Korea

Jisoo’s face is too much

She’s so pretty from the first picture

Why are her facial features so perfect? She’s crazy

[+310, -30]

1. [+45, -5] I’m shocked every time I see Jisoo’s face… Why is she so pretty?

2. [+32, -3] Seriously pretty

3. [+32, -2] Wow I was shocked as soon as I clicked on the post

4. [+23, -3] Jisoo’s stage pictures are so cool

5. [+18, -4] Ah, can I date Jisoo?

6. [+14, -1] She’s the prettiest among female idols these days

7. [+9, -2] She’s the #1 beauty in Korea

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girl lack talent in all area so they had to push the media play to visuals

Ladyboy Lisa

Spilled 🤭


Meanwhile theres no visual members in bts. Sad


Lol. Who care abt blonk eyes when they say this dozen is pretty. Yall must think your papa yg is the most we dont care abt yall opinion lol


Be serious, all 4 girls are beautiful. But in bts only V is good-looking, but he’s a brat so that bring him down.


could easily say the same about yall 🤓🤓

Jimin got yes jams

Even you don’t believe that. Meanwhile literally every other gg outshinning BP in visuals and talent


There is one vidual on Bts who is bts But before he was ugly like the rest


She has is the most stable on live of Bp. unlike Jimina


The most stable in BP is Rosé. Not this dozen.


and its working!! girl is thriving while u stay jobless 😂😥


When there are beauties like wonyoung, kazuha, karina, new jeans girls, tzuyu, etc lol people really think dozensoo will be considered no 1 for beauty.

One thing in common all the other top female visual idols had was the most popularity in the group because their visuals attracted the audience to stan them. Suzy, yoona, goo hara, nana, Irene dara, etc and wonyoung, karina these days… all had one thing in common and their popularity was down to how attractive they were as visuals. Stiffsoo can’t even attract most fans and is the dozen least popular member in her group but YG wants to media play her as the no.1 visual lmao. Pathetic


Obsessed rat

Teenaged puppy

**Jizso over hot 100 placement


Jisoo is the 2nd most popular in korea and internationally she isn’t even the last in her group. The names you mentioned, jisoo is 40x more popular than each and every one of them, let alone the less popular members in their respective groups. She as an individual is more popular than other groups as a brand. I don’t think kpop stans who stan groups other than bts and blackpink deserve to talk about popularity anyway. You should stick to arguing about that inkigayo trophy and not being too ambitious.


Rosé >>>>> Jisoo

Jisoo is beautiful only in makeup


Wonyoung looks like a man in drag. Karina looks like an alien. Tzyz is a giant troll. Pinks easily prettier than all those women


And if I say stiffsoo looks like an ahjumma and sounds like a man I’d be the bad guy




Saying she is the #1 is completely subjective lol but you do you I guess…


omggg no way beauty is subjective 🙀🙀🙀🤯🤯🤯😥😥😨😨


Netizen? You mean 15 fans of her lol. Suzy, yoona, irene, nana, wonyoung, jaekyung, minji, etc. existed


If jisoo has 15 fans then mathematically the names you mentioned have 0 fans cause jisoo is 15x more popular than all of them combined. You can see why they were not mentioned.


15x more popular? Lol. Aint no way you said shes more well known than suzy and yoona in korea. Her drama is flop despite all those noisy historical controversy


So you made yourself believe that a nationwide controversy can improve the drama’s ratings instead of leading it to flopness. The 180-degree twist in logical interpretation and i’m supposed to take you seriously? Also if we wanna be fair, are yoona’s and suzy’s solo songs more successful than jisoo’s in south korea? But you’re right suzy and yoona are more popular than jisoo in korea, I thought we were talking on general/international scale.


Suzy is literally nation first love and yoona is the og center. You are delusional af lol


Minji? lol


Yes. The girl who blonk are crying when she got chanel deal. And her group beat flopink. The funniest thing blonk are calling them fraudulent when her group are doing the same thing flopink did all this years lol


she comes from the fraud company hybe, not surprised with hybe desesperation for them to make it seem they have any success when its all MEDIAPLAY and yall believed lmaoo


not minji girlie lmao, none of them nj group is pretty just average faces dont make me laught with the kids


I can see a lot of bitter and ugly hater of Jisoo in the comment section. Y’all can cry useless people

Seungri Oppa ❤️

Wait til you see Seungri. A beautiful face you want to punch.


she’s beautiful for sure but #1 in korea… i dunno

Teenaged puppy

Definitely better looking than her teammates but she mid in talent and visuals


Without other 3 in the group, blackpink won’t be popular and without bp popularity this dozen can’t even make a noise. She is relying on gp popularity while other 3 have some talents. I still don’t understand how she debuted that too in yg. She 💯 had a rich father. Can’t sing, dance, act, model(posing for pics is not modelling, she lacks confidence and looks super awkward and don’t know how to carry herself)


Rosé is more prettier and more talented than this dozen who can’t even sing and dance good.


The most overhyped face in kpop. Till this day I don’t understand her hype.


She has nothing to brag so her fans will hype that non existing visual. She is biggest dozen but has 70m followers shocks me. Like she don’t deserve that at all. She really is soo privileged and got much luck because of her teammates

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