Netizens say that BLACKPINK’s stage is like a school performance, not an idol stage

This is not an idol stage, it’s like a school performance

[+117, -16]

1. [+56, -11] These days, school festivals are better than that

2. [+38, -1] A group that I never thought they would perform well on stage

3. [+34, -0] Why are they still dancing like that while lip syncing??

4. [+21, -0] I feel embarrassed looking at these gifs…

5. [+11, -0] Do these people continue to make funny memes on stage?

6. [+6, -0] Korean idols are popular in the US but how can they be popular with those performances?… I heard that they are so popular in Southeast Asia

7. [+6, -0] It’s like a monkey joke;

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But I wasn’t done…

Knets finally spilled


That flop hope and flop jin flopped in their own country charts 🤣 beaten by rookies, next flop racist joon


I can tell from your comment youre a kid. just focus on your studies


lol. Continue kids. The fact that those 4 girlies need to lick everyone ass to get an album cause they have no knowledge in music always make me smile. Then they also have some twink stupid b1tch ass kid like you as fans. Cannot be worse than this..
Also jhope album just got number #9 on the best album in rolling stone. So try again

Real Walaun

Wtf why u copied my name


Bp flopped both in Korea and internationally so where do we go from here? Beat by 4th gen ggs that were weeks old FOH. BP on their knees to secure Spotify deals and still got their shit rocked by bts and their solos. Be serious


i’ve seen kpop stans in school that put more in effort than this during school festivals


after blonk spamming all korean forum, media play as if their stage legendary etc now its time to open your fkin eyes. bp is not at idol level at all, theyre global models, ambassador of thousand beauty things, so lets them work at the field they mastered instead being sloppy a** idol. #BLACKPINKRETIREDOFBEINGIDOLPLEASE


You’re reaching for this 4 years old performance of the girls, get a job


keep crying. I’m still going to stan and support BLACKPINK no matter how y’all antis try so hard to degrade them.


Thats why they continue doing middle school performances to yall. Cause you accept everything 😂😂


Not everyone had good taste, not everyone can easily satisfied with mid & leftover, I understand 😉👍


Their success is more to do with their styling and their looks than anything else.


So true!! Also their high budget music videos


*gasp” how dare knets insults school performers 😤


Antis keep crying. Blinks are still going to stan and support BLACKPINK no matter how y’all antis try so hard to degrade them.


Thats sad honestly they gave yall the bare to zero minimum yet you still lap it up all like dogs

Last edited 9 months ago by beta

Sad? Awe you care about Blinks.🥺 idgaf, shut up RATmys.


Sad no, pathetic yes 🥺


Starvings dogs don’t care if their owner throws them bones. Tbh, calling midpink deranged stans a dog felt like an insult to the dogs themselves 😔


They have never been good performers. Watching 4th gen girlslately made me realize just how brainwashed ppl have become when it comes to this group. The mediaplay, marketing and personal connections to industry execs is the backbone of their success


Rose looking like a whole skeleton dancing on those stilts


Tbf, Blackpink haven’t been strong and cohesive performers since post-first hiatus. It’s just what it is. No point complaining because nothing really changes.


Wdym… they’re influencers tho


kpop stages are indeed like school festivals lmao


there’s no passion and it shows. their fans can hype them all they want but they’re low-energy performers with songs that sound like 2ne1 rejects.


You gotta be the supreme imbecile to waste your money on this shit


Blackpink performances have been bad and inconsistent for years now. Considering they get the easiest choreographies among all girl groups and then have to perform the least out of all idols, one would exoect them to absolutely kill it onstage but these girlies look the most unprofessional, lazy, bored, unsynchronised, forgetting moves, etc as if they couldn’t care less. Its shameful how they have no respect for their fans or their career. Even rookies are performing better than them.

Despite their limited recycled discography, no content for years, hardly any vlives, fan interactions, no variety shows and such embarrassing performances for years it shows how this scam group has been carried by YG mediaplay alone. YG cemented their rich, luxury, pretty skinny girls image and it was enough for them to reach top status as idols because blinks love to self insert and live through these insta models. For years, these girls have shown no artistic growth, they don’t, write, produce, compose, none of them are good singers, mediocre rappers and then they perform like this with no effort & displaying blatant unprofessionalism while charging so much from their brainless fans. The most pathetic disgraceful girl group I have seen in kpop to date.


Every line was poetry


6. [+6, -0] Korean idols are popular in the US but how can they be popular with those performances?… I heard that they are so popular in Southeast Asia

Look at their pathetic US album sales. Jeremy can’t fake those.

Last edited 9 months ago by Tovey

Jeremy is going to hell idc for removing BTS streams and messed up Jungkook’s ranking


Netizens = armys and onces


Twice survived the industry by lipsyncing, why can’t BP?


Twice still passionate & actually give a fvck about their stages & fans that paid for their performances, that’s why


Twice were always considered one of the strongest gg performers of 3rd gen ggps. Wtf you talking about. And twice still slaying with their performances in their 7th year. What are your lazy girls doing in their 6th tho?


They rarely on award or music shows bcs they don’t want to added another lazy, half assed stages collections. Not bcs they don’t care about awards 🤭


Even school performances is better than whatever shit they are doing in here. And the most amazing part is they are just degrading in performing. Improvement is no where to be seen. Guess they have grown quite comfortable with their success. And thinks they rule the world or something. Such a disgraceful thing for an idol to do.

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