Netizens say that BTS Jin looks like an actor filming a drama at the military training center

Soldier BTS Jin cleans his chair

1. Even if he covers everything up, he still looks handsome

2. Wow, his face shines in every situation

3. He looks like an actor

4. I didn’t know the color of the chair was red until I saw the commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. He’s handsome, but the military uniform suits him well

6. Wow, he looks good even in military uniform

7. How does he look so cool? I thought it was a drama scene

8. I can only see his eyes, but he looks good

9. Well, he’s handsome, he’s handsome even though I only see his eyebrows and eyes

10. Wow, looking at those pictures, he looks cool

11. It’s like a scene from a drama

12. Wow, nothing special, but he’s so handsome

13. He’s so handsome, I really hope this winter isn’t too cold

14. Wow, even with his hat and mask on, he’s still handsome

15. Is he filming a drama?

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Is it normal for the press to be filming him like this???


Leave him alone freaks, just because he is celebrity doesn’t mean you going to film him anytime and the fact people are spreading it is disgusting.

We all are dying to see him but as someone who loves and respect him this us the last way I want to see him through


he’s a celeb so he’s bound to attract a lot of attention i thought this is what armys boast about so cope


no 😐


yes 😌

Lazy Banana

They said that if you enlist you stop being a public figure and you become a private citizen under the SK govt but kmedia has brains for shit as usual.


13. He’s so handsome, I really hope this winter isn’t too cold

Well at least someone someone said something nice beside his handsome face , I really hope they respect his privacy someday…


Jin is now a soldier and should be anonymous like all other soldiers. Leave him alone! 


yall want bts to enlist so that they can be treated as “equals” to the other men but yall still treat jin as anything but equal to the other men when he enlists


Reports not showing respect and then these people spreading photos like do y’all want him to get harassed or something 😐


lolol armys taking ls

WhatsThe Point

This is so creepy, the fact that they blurred everyone else’s faces… Just goes to show their trying to sell this o God. Leave him alone



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