Netizens say that EXO can’t even go against NewJeans now

I feel like EXO can’t even go against NewJeans now

I feel like they’ve gotten so weak that they can’t even win over ZB1

They had consecutive songs that couldn’t chart on the charts…

[+169, -93]

1. [+102, -3] They’ve had too many controversies so I bet that only the core fans of the core fans are left

2. [+73, -5] Yah, EXO is 11 years old and NewJeans are rising rookies, so can they be the same? Please say something that makes a little more sense

3. [+71, -49] It’s been 10 years already and the generations have changed so of course they’re not as powerful as before. Even BTS doesn’t have many middle and high school fans anymore

4. [+58, -8] But isn’t NewJeans considered the top even among singers with good digital results..?

5. [+47, -27] It’s been 11 years since their debut but there are still posts like this appearingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+15, -7] EXO fans are still grabbing BTS’s hair like a habitㅋㅋ NewJeans fighting

7. [+6, -2] ? EXO is back?

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Teenaged puppy

There is a saying in China…

Last edited 2 months ago by Teenaged puppy

That was very funny and still is. Everyone who follows kpop a little bit, knows that exo died as soon as Bangtan won their first Daesang, they just didn’t know it then. But now it’s so obvious, they made a fool of themselves in Korea with their latest releases, their fandom is dead. 


exo era has ended long time ago


And fckass eggso cant even surpass bts’ solo btch


They are “Nation’s skip” lol


What do they mean even? Their “national hit” didn’t even make the top 100 of the 2010s, they’ve never been a digimon


talk again when your fav can even touch bts members’ shadows


Charted at 500 in melon? easy peasy


For exo? Undeniably yes

Jennie’s flat ass

Bubbling under stans should not speak unless spoken to tbh


I’m not saying they deserve it, but their fandom had it coming a loooooong time ago.. Always way too damn comfortable speaking on other artists instead of minding their own

Jennie’s flat ass

Karma been on this group’s ass since 2016

Ladyboy Lisa



it’s kinda fun seeing how bts’ success can affect your whole life so much. love seeing it ruins your mental


I really like it when exo made a cb. The stans will scream their lungs out, asking people to see the kings their fave are only for their fave to flop. Then when they made a cb again, their stans will acted like the recent cb never happened & when the new cb flop again & again, the excuse was exo haven’t had cb in a long time (extra excuses : with all members, some members in military)

The things they can bragged about was the Chinese record – which 99% about sales, barely streams or the K4town preorder record (pathetic, ik), or the highest group in SM. Imagine how desperate their stans are just to make their flopfave have records that they narrow down the records to a record within the company 🤣

Apart from the 4 mid stans, never seen such a pathetic fandom. The stans getting along for some reason ig


Had to use other group chart bcs exo flop chart will only sound like a joke if it to be compared, especially BTS & the members charts


Karma hit so hard to this group and their fandom 😂

Jennie’s flat ass

Not my fellow blinks talking about being embarrassed by rookies on kcharts. The audacity is too great…


Yah, EXO is 11 years old and NewJeans are rising rookies, so can they be the same? Please say something that makes a little more sense.

BTS is 10 years old, do you think EXO can go against BTS?


bts’s fans are adults but still bts are strong unlike flop exo💩

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