Netizens say that it’s not true that BLACKPINK Jisoo can’t sing

It’s not true that Jisoo can’t sing

When I listen to Flower and All Eyes On Me, I feel that she has her own voice color and she sings well with her own voice, and you are saying that Jisoo’s level is bad at singing?? She sings live well. Maybe people are judging her harshly because BLACKPINK has members like Rosé and Jennie who sing well, but isn’t Jisoo above average?

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1. [+521, -69] She sings live the same way she sings on her digital song, how the hell is she a bad singer?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So you need people with crazy skills like Taeyeon and IU in the idol industry to be considered good singers?ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+519, -50] She never made a mistake during the encore stage, she sang live well on every stage. She sings the same way she sings on her digital song, BLACKPINK members even say that Jisoo is the most stable at singing live. The Pann girls keep dragging Jisoo’s singing skills, I’ve never seen anyone drag her in real life

3. [+507, -52] The only place that bashes Jisoo’s skills is Pann, if you watch her videos on Youtube, the comments are always praising Jisoo’s live. Meanwhile, whenever you go to Pann, people are bashing her skills, Pann is always bashing successful female idols

4. [+486, -42] I’m curious to know who are the bias of people who claim that Jisoo is not a good singer. Who are these talented people that you guys think she’s a bad singer? Unless they’re top singers, so I don’t think you’re at the position to say anythingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+89, -68] If you’re a fan of Jisoo, you can do business with her face, but you can’t say that she sings well

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The same post again? Anyway she can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t act


She can’t sing, of course, but Jisoo isn’t as annoying as Jennie. Jisoo at least knows that in public you need to wear clothes that cover the genitals.


she sings better than main vocal BTS


Have you had a cool glass of bleach today?


If she can sing so does all members of twice. Why this discrimination knetz🙃


Imagine comparing Jisoo with Mina, Tzuyu not to mention Jihyo, Nayeon and Jeongyeon, you’re as delusional as blonks


Bich I was literally calling out knetz for their hypocrisy. They are rn saying she can sing meanwhile dragging misamo for forming a subunit for Japan! And constantly bullying twice for not singing enough for them. And now praising her unbearable singing.


Blonks like to cry that their faves are the most pitiful and hated by everyone, but forgot to mention that bp barely got any criticism for being lazy and acting in a porn movie, while other groups are hated to death for a slight mistake

Your dad

She is definitely below average didnt even improve after two years idk why kblinks defend her so hard but go after other idols and consistently try to spread those articles but hide there favs when people criticize there skills

Ladyboy Lisa

😂😂😂 just laugh guys


Wait. Since when are Rose and Jennie good singers???? Koreans are delusional if they think BP has any basic talent. The only one that even tries is Lisa and even she is only a mid dancer. Tuh.


they are not koreans….it’s their dumb sea fans who are pretending✨ to be korean.
And even if they are korean it’s the k side of airheaded blinkards.

spicy spice

the fact that blinks went left and right bashing other idols’ voice but praising jisoo’s vocals just…….. another level of jokes.

jisoo was tone deaf but blinks also totally deaf for sure.


[+282, -460]

damn… blinks are the only ones left on pann and even they are downvoting the post. you know you’re a dozen when even your own fans think you’re worthless


pfffttt mother of ✨dozens✨


Sorry but what vocals…?

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