Netizens say that Jennie has big eyes too

I didn’t know, but Jennie has big eyes too

I took a screenshot while watching her on Youtube because she’s so pretty, now Jennie still looks so cute

[+182, -69]

1. [+57, -14] I’ve been so annoyed lately because there are so many posts bashing Jennie, but thanks for praising Jennie for being cute!!! Jendeukie is so pretty

2. [+56, -14] Jen-cat

3. [+59, -12] The haters who are so jealous and always bash Jennie are pitiful. But even so, their lives couldn’t be better

4. [+49, -9] No matter how much you try to bash her face and body, Jennie is still Jennieㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+46, -6] I’m the most jealous of Jennie’s big eyes

6. [+18, -2] Jennie at their concert today

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Another stupid jennieslut stan 🤢 without makeup her eyes so small -, –

Teenaged puppy

Not the attempt to scrub the deserved lashings she’s getting with fluff posts. Let Jennie get back to figuring out who is a better fuck than her


if blinks really felt this way about her, they wouldn’t feel the need to write 100 posts about how she’s still pretty and how she hasn’t changed and how everyone else is just a hater.

they’re trying to convince others of something they don’t even believe anymore either-


7/10 of knet posts gushing about her appearance it is full of old photos from predebut to blackpink rookie era. her visuals have taken a hit, she used to be much prettier. even bp akgaes notice and use it as a drag

Ladyboy Lisa

How’s that big 😂 but she surely crave big d


Another useless post about jenwhore the dozen. Also this post only shows how insecure her fans have gotten about her declining visuals. Girlie has always been short and ugly but with age she is becoming more of a hag. She got the most plastic surgeries done in BP that’s why the predebut her and the current jenslut looks like completely different people and her procedures are catching up to her.


Seoul Cycle that cannot sing, dance nor rap but is media played as some icon. Even on insta her engagements are low but still we’re supposed to believe she’s not a western clout chasing hag? Imagine taking part in a soft porn just so you can have an American debut. Koreans needs to wake up

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