Netizens say that Min Heejin should at least listen to HYBE about this

I think Min Heejin will make some additional comments, but I hope she will at least listen to HYBE on this

“Furthermore, please stop constantly mentioning the artists and their parents as it undermines the artists’ value”

(Excerpt from HYBE’s official statement after the press conference of ADOR CEO Min Heejin)

This is the age when they debuted

1. The person thinking about NewJeans the most right now is Min Heejin, not HYBE

2. What the?~ Think about what HYBE did to NewJeans~

3. I wish HYBE would stop the media attacks on Min Heejin ahead of NewJeans’ comeback

4. Just stop fighting and focus on NewJeans’ comeback

5. Maybe Min Heejin is weird but for NewJeans, HYBE is 100% the culprit;;;;

6. It’s obvious that Min Heejin is serious about NewJeans, while HYBE seems to treat NewJeans like a product

7. It doesn’t really seem to hurt the value of NewJeans, right?

8. Didn’t HYBE touch NewJeans first?

9. Since HYBE couldn’t refute the press conference, they suddenly pretended to support NewJeans

10. HYBE did it first

11. After watching the press conference today, I really like NewJeans. They seem to be loyal people

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