Netizens say that they like this vibe of BLACKPINK

Am I the only one who likes this vibe of BLACKPINK?

It’s like the vibe of ‘Whistle’ when they just debuted

[+98, -16]

1. [+16, -1] The vibe of ‘Whistle’ is good and it also has a bit of a high-teen vibe

2. [+14, -2] I also like the vibe of ‘Whistle’, but I’m a bit sad that they haven’t released such a concept these days

3. [+10, -0] I love this vibe

4. [+8, -1] It has a bit of a 70s vibe

5. [+7, -0] It feels like the pictorial that Petra Collins took for Vogue Korea

6. [+4, -0] I really like this photo this time.. It’s so beautiful….

7. [+3, -0] F*cking pretty

8. [+1, -0] I think BLACKPINK will like that too. I think the style of ‘Whistle’ is their identity

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yg payola group. talentless group who is surviving on yg pr


you stan hybe the company whos being investigated for payola

Dot com

You wanna talk about companys and ceos being investigated? Seriously???????

Lazy Banana

Yo, Lee Soo Man and YG will win hands down. One is wanted by the Interpol for various charges and the other is being investigated by the police for covering up a crime (besides his own crimes too).


the way no one ever praises their music and only talk about their “vibe” and “image” 💀💀💀

they’re hopeless


No one?? Thats what happened when you only rely on a bp anti website

Jennie not lazy

It’s hard to see someone praise their music or performance, its all about photoshoot and modelling 😭😭😭


nways pink venom longest charting kpop group song released this year on billboard hot 100, your fave that heavily rely on stream farm cant relate. free fall on week 2

Last edited 5 months ago by Guest
Jennie not lazy

Pretty sure bp is the one free falling after ‘deals’ with Jeremy gone 🤣

Dot com

“This year”

Better thank the long hours rose put in with Jeremy to get those deals… oh and let’s not forget YG farming stations.

A group that sells out stadiums in Europe and US don’t need payola but a group that plays 10k arenas sure does.

Last edited 5 months ago by Dot com
Dot com

The most media played with no accomplishments besides “girl group” titles in history


So sad the girls dont have your oppa dicks privilege

Dot Con

Are you sure because they are getting good Jeremy dick privilege.

pranpriya m.

They are very pretty, there’s no doubt about that. But as a fan, I just hope they release music more often and that they release music that doesn’t just scream about money and being better than the other girls cause recently, I’ve been having a hard time connecting with any of BP’s songs. While other ggs are singing about empowerment and standing on their own, my girls are singing about not being like the other girls. Typa Girl should not have been released. Istg YG should stop relying on Teddy and find some better producers. With all the money BP brings them, they 100% can afford that.

Last edited 5 months ago by pranpriya m.

Which kpop songs talk about empowerment bffr?? Plus if you are that fan of the girls you must have known that they have multiple songs that aren’t written or produced by teddy🤨 even way before this


You are real dumb hag. I don’t even listen to ggs and I know there’s tons of female empowerment songs. Don’t worry BP aren’t apart of the list.


and watch you struggle to name one because anti tit ti fragile nor after like arent that empowerment songs dumb bitch

pranpriya m.

Well here’s a short list:

  1. Nxde, idle— talks about how it’s important to just be your bare self.
  2. WANNABE, itzy— talks about how they don’t have to be anything because they’re perfect as they are
  3. The Boys, SNSD— The Korean lyrics minus the English “bring the boys out” encourage girls not to be intimidated and to show your true self to the world.
  4. I Don’t Need a Man, MISS A— title is self-explanatory.
  5. MAGO, Gfriend— With the line, “my life is waiting for you who is smiling at me in the mirror” it’s a conversation with one’s reflected self about how they will start anew
  6. Girls Like Us, TWICE— Encourages girls to run and do whatever they want and that they’re not alone
  7. Maria, Hwasa— Encourages a song that urges self-love and ignoring the haters who wish to tear you down. 

There are a lot more and BP has songs like these. DDU DDU DDU is literally so empowering about how they won’t act nice whether they get hated for it or something. But why tf do they need to release songs like Typa Girl???? Even Pink Venom is nothing but bragging about having private jets and branded clothes. It’s so out of touch, I’m so annoyed by it. It’s so fcking pick me jfc. They’re the biggest gg and they should be raising the flag of women but nah, they gotta have a line “I’m not like the other girls” implying they’re better than the rest of the women? They’re now just singing about money money money and pick me pick me pick me. It’s so annoying.


Wack her again for me 😘

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