Netizens say that they like this vibe of BLACKPINK

Am I the only one who likes this vibe of BLACKPINK?

It’s like the vibe of ‘Whistle’ when they just debuted

[+98, -16]

1. [+16, -1] The vibe of ‘Whistle’ is good and it also has a bit of a high-teen vibe

2. [+14, -2] I also like the vibe of ‘Whistle’, but I’m a bit sad that they haven’t released such a concept these days

3. [+10, -0] I love this vibe

4. [+8, -1] It has a bit of a 70s vibe

5. [+7, -0] It feels like the pictorial that Petra Collins took for Vogue Korea

6. [+4, -0] I really like this photo this time.. It’s so beautiful….

7. [+3, -0] F*cking pretty

8. [+1, -0] I think BLACKPINK will like that too. I think the style of ‘Whistle’ is their identity

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