Netizens say that they really hate this style of BLACKPINK Jennie

I really hate this style of Jennie..

These days, it looks like she’s styling herself with a weird antennae hairstyle and with a little ribbon, but it doesn’t suit Jennie and doesn’t look good either

This style is the prettiest

[+194, -132]

1. [+195, -13] It’s good that she shows different styles while on tour, right?

2. [+164, -33] I think Jennie is one of the few celebrities that fits any concept. She does whatever she wants and she still looks good

3. [+133, -12] Just watched the Porsche video that came out today, she’s a legend

4. [+65, -2] It overshadows the strong points of the face and only highlights the weak points

5. [+49, -3] It looks like the antennae of an insect

6. [+36, -1] This style is the best

7. [+31, -8] No, why does she keep having hair like that of a centipede’s beard? It’s so weird

8. [+20, -3] Why did she do this? It’s so weird

9. [+10, -0] Doesn’t she have her own style?

10. [+9, -1] Honestly I don’t like it either, please do something like this

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Grandma looking hag.


She looks pretty in anything because she has the visuals, body, confidence, and aura to pull of every concept.

She’s popular for a reason… and people hate on her because they’re jealous of HER.

y’all salty that she got with V and Kai 😭 girly pulled 2 of the hottest men in kpop 😫 Girl boss

But I wasn’t done…

Does Tae know this??

Y’all love to omit GD when listening hee flings. GD/Flatnnie have all but been confirmed. Embarrassed Jennie is with your supposed kpop king all of a sudden? Should be happy for her. Girl boss 🥰


Kai is hot indeed. But her current bf who follow her in every city is GD. I wouldn’t call him hot but hey, maybe you would..

Military Wife ⁷

He doesn’t follow her lmao. baldhyung Stan should stfu. No one cares about your bald fave

But I wasn’t done…

Blanks care about him more than their own fads. Probably why bp gotta suck for deals because their fans too busy obsessing over Tae


The GD erasure is really funny🤣

But I wasn’t done…

Irrelevant everywhere but Korea just like her group


Knetz are bland as always this is why we always get the same bob cuts and wavy hairstyles. This is definitely the style jennie prefers for herself though, She always puts random braids in her hair when shes dressed in her personals style.


Some of y’all are so jealous and waste your time talking about other people for NO reason. Please, time is precious! Focus on your own ambition and start accomplishing your own dreams! Y’all be “gossiping” (a huge time sink, by the way) while Jennie is working hard on improving as a model, fashion influencer, and performer. Lazy people who have no ambition to read, innovate, build, engineer, and create are in no place to comment on what producers do.


Better than basic hair i guess. She looks bland af so it’s not a bad idea for her to try hairstyles. She sadly can’t change her flat body.

Military Wife ⁷

baldhyung is boring that’s why you obsessed with Jennie

But I wasn’t done…

Jennie need to get obsessed with a gynecologist. Wrecked holed slut


She looks good either way /shrugs/


Without her shoulders. I don’t think she will be a fashionista


Ugh I heard bad rumor about her dirty mom. There is reason he mom married at 20 and suddenly she joined YG without audition just like other


With that face and still lazy ugly

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