Netizens say that V and Jennie are finally acknowledging it now

Looks like V and Jennie are finally acknowledging it now

The picture above is from the leaked pictures and V has never revealed his shoe rack hallway before

The picture below is an Instagram story that V posted himself

[+484, -565]

1. [+148, -15] V really gets hated on for anything

2. [+146, -4] It’s pathetic that haters keep saying the same things over and over again

3. [+63, -12] Why do V’s fans criticize his girlfriend who he loves the most?

4. [+26, -6] Why does he always cover his phone? Is it because he uses an iPhone?

5. [+17, -8] You will make a lot of money with this album so please donate as an individual. Are you embarrassed that you’re the only one in BTS who doesn’t donate?

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I really can’t believe that people are believing in the edited pictures again, do these people (and the editor) really do not know physics? If you see the rollerfoam that is very close to the mirror, it literally has no reflection and that’s physically impossible 🙃

Besides Taehyung had already posted these paintings before the “leak” so, this doesn’t confirm anything since the pic has been confirmed edited by the companies last year


It’s been a year since this photo come out and I only realized now the editing mistake that you mentioned, i can’t believe that I thought these were legit and now looking at the picture with more detail I realized that V’s glasses are not even complete 😂🤦

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