Netizens say these are the two top female idols of 4th generation girl groups

Top 2 female idols of 4th generation girl groups

Karina, Jang Wonyoung

[+255, -283]

1. [+209, -233] Karina’s visuals always get divided opinions;

2. [+160, -38] No one can argue that Karina and Jang Wonyoung are the two top popular, there’s always at least one post about them on here

3. [+57, -116] Aespa is already ruined

4. [+29, -30] Honestly, isn’t it Minji, Jang Wonyoung and Sullyoon of the 4th generation??

5. [+24, -20] They are the most popular among female idols in China

6. [+23, -39] Karina?

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stop praising plastic surgery monster visual tho, theyre not even original 😭 just simply adore them, stop overhyping their plastic result #karina


Are you talking about BP girls cuz no one is a bigger plastic monster than jennie, Rose, Lisa >>>


aespa still wins with their plastic surgery, they are truly gangnam idol. looks so fkin different and ugly now SM try so hard to mediaplay their plastic visual 😭 ironic. also jennie looks the same there 🤔


Karina ???
aespa has been destroyed??

wow… the Aespa haters have reappeared… hahahaha

not everything is based on your perception and standards,
Don’t judge and demean others as you like

after all this is k-netz’s choice, not fan’s choice!!!


gonna wait until yg new gg debuting next year cause if they got another jennie and jisoo there then this whole list would be changed over and over again


I wanna see ygngg first


for the size of individual fandom, I think karina and winter have the biggest ones? and wonyoung is right after them


wonyoung is more well known than both of them. I don’t think she has smaller fandom than Aespa members.

namtiddies@10th june

I still remember Karina’s mama solo opening stage. She really can’t dance….


Talent wise they cant even stand beside Yeji and Ryujin, But all you hags care about looks. F off


We’ve seen Ryujins AOTM. Her bad dancing is only hidden by her members.


Karina getting accused of ps when she’s looked the same since her birth and adolescence is a mystery to me. What is it that you people hate about her really? She doesn’t do anything but sing well rap well dance well and talk to her fans.


bffr… she got ps.


same what?? the delusion is real. not only they have 0 talent compared to their peers, their looks not even original at all yet their fans insist theyre not having plastic implant on their face left and right. aespa is the most undeserving gg seriously, they wins just bcs SM power mediaplay like IVE with kakao

d d

I think Karina is very talented, and I also acknowledge the obvious: that she’s had plastic surgery. it’s not a crime to have plastic surgery, you know.


Why they hate aespa to much?


0 talent, lazy ass dance, lipsync all the time.and worse is their face are all fake and result of plastic waste


0 talent? Are you sure🤣🤣🤣 And whether their face are fake or not, It is not and never will be the reason that they SHOULD receive any hate 🙂
P/s: I think before judging somebody’s face, you should think about your personality. It is much worse than any “fake” face

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