Netizens share photos of BLACKPINK’s photoshoots

Please share photos of BLACKPINK’s photoshoots

They are powerful women

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1. [+54, -12]

2. [+40, -21] I’ve always felt that, but Jennie’s photoshoots are worth watching… The concepts are always different, but she absorbs everything so well ㅠㅠ

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4. [+33, -1]

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6. [+27, -4] Goddess

7. [+24, -4]

8. [+20, -3] My favorite

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15. [+11, -2] Thanks for posting this

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I love blackpink

Should’ve focused more on music. That’s why they don’t look like they want to perform for their fans 😭😭


they are on tour right now boch, please go fap to your 7 twinks and leave BP alone
armie slut

Lazy Banana

Here is an example of the hypocrisy of blinks. They will call everybody slvts but if their favs are called that, they will yell about feminism and misogyny. Lmaooooo


Feminism don’t work for military wife’s cause they dragging famous women and dlckriding rich men how we gonna respect those things? I don’t drag bts but I will drag everyday those bltch cause this is what y’all are

But I wasn’t done…

The exact opposite of what it means to be a feminist you dumb hoe. If you’re gonna preach it at least practice and apply it appropriately and evenly. This is why you and your hag group will never get taken seriously.


hypocrisy of army. chanting love and kindness with their boys but at teh same time making hate comment. lol

But I wasn’t done…

Love and kindness to those who deserve it not to you bitter freaks. We don’t believe in turning the other cheek to those who continue to slap.

I love bts

lol now army was jobless and left same comment in every blackpink post. seeing them successful sure hurt you so much.

But I wasn’t done…

Seeing them successful? Pray tell where can I find this success of theirs? Organically?


biggest hypocrite goes to armshit


they’re really living up to their name… mid pink through and through 😕


Go stream flop namjoon songs instead

But I wasn’t done…

Probably should do this for pink vomit and that other song I can remember of theres. Streams are in the gutter.


streams are in the gutter = yet to cum, arson, indigo and astronaut


Nobody said anything when BTS won last year. But when BP won, your jealous on them show alot. They will be more & more successful when you hate them a lot. Their growth is firmly built in the industry …

I love blackpink

Industry of jeremy 😭😭😭

But I wasn’t done…

Just a guess but maybe it was because BTS actually earns their awards with stats and numbers behind them. Same is not said for your back door deal flops.



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