Netizens share their thoughts on Seojin’s these days

Seojin’s episode 8 viewership rating (April 14)

1. It’s a variety show that heals and makes you feel good

2. I spent Friday night watching Seojin’s with my family. It’s really interesting

3. I really like Na Young Seok’s variety shows, I’m healed just by looking at the scenery and I really like V after watching this show

4. It’s the only variety show I watch these days

5. I’m so happy when I watch it, the chemistry between the staff is amazing

6. Wow, the ratings are really good

7. My mother and I always wait for this show every week

8. It’s my favorite variety show

9. Everyone is doing well and talking to customers is fun

10. The chemistry between the members is so good

11. It’s fun to watch it with the family

12. This makes me want to eat hot dogs every weekend

13. I always watch it on Saturday mornings on TV

14. It’s interesting and V is funny

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