Netizens speculate Rosé and Kang Dong Won are dating amidst other rumors

In recent days, rumors have been circulating about the relationship status of BLACKPINK’s Rosé and actor Kang Dong Won. However, it seems that some fans may have overlooked a potential clue to the rumored relationship due to another circulating rumor.

A photo surfaced online of Rosé and Kang Dong Won in Los Angeles, but at the time, it didn’t garner much attention due to the other rumor regarding the allegations of drugs use against Rosé. Now, some fans are revisiting the photo and speculating if it could be evidence of the two dating.

While both Rosé and Kang Dong Won’s agencies have yet to comment on the rumors, netizens are keeping a close eye on any developments. If the rumors are true, it would mark Rosé’s first public relationship since her debut with BLACKPINK.

Stay tuned for updates on the rumored relationship between Rosé and Kang Dong Won.

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all this time I thought kang dong won was married


Stay tuned for updates on the rumored relationship between Rosé and Kang Dong Won.”

LMAO what????


I guess she’s really into older men and ceos… she should stay faithful to jeremy


U should stay being a homebody virgin. Nobody wants u


Jennie’s impact


monotube_official is not only featuring Kang Dong Won please lmao😭😭 it’s a lifestyle channel featuring various actors and idols fgs…


have to add, how do you know “she stayed at LA during her birthday the whole month”? She’s a ninja, just bc she had no airport update doesnt mean she didnt go home. She had stories update mid-month during her birthday😴 people making up theories truly.


Knetz are rally obessed with celebrities live.. there is nothing wrong it is true or not. He nor she’s not married and she’s not home-wrecker. Thats not scandal nor bad thing..


Rose’s dating rumor with Suzy and its “proofs” are more believable than this lmao


-The only thing this post proves is that they’re both a fan of John Elliot stuff lol, if this is proof then all idols can be linked through a brand they’re a fan of

-There are many angles that you can use to hide the roots, or maybe she’s not in LA for photoshoots but for other stuff like working with Ryan Tedder or something, or maybe her roots just grew and its not a problem before the photo with jisoo, or maybe she’s just vacationing for her bday, there’s tons of reasons to go to LA

-that monotube ig account doesn’t even have KDW in it if you visit the page, or maybe he”s there but barely, and what proof that the vampire account is Rose’s anyway?

As I said the “proofs” of Suzy and Rosé dating are much more believable and stronger than this lmao


off topic but that just remind me when they try to prove Taylor was lesbian lmao


Thats explain everything. Last year there’s rumor from ssaeng ab her dating someone with big influences from her agency and kang dong won was under YG until december. We thought it was lorent but turn out to be kang dong won

Liu li

I also heard about one of her korean akgae was leaking her private insagram post and it looks suspicious that she’s dating someone rn


Suzy X Rosé was more convincing than this.

Teenaged puppy

Jeremy gonna have to share now 😭😭

Ladyboy lisa

Poor guy, hope he won’t be involved with all the snort activities with rose 😭


I hope yg sued this bitch


As a Blink I am disappointed, not only did they get caught doing drugs, but now they are also sleeping with every man they meet. Absolutely disgusting


You are the disgusting pathetic here when they are official statement from yg denying the allegation. Fuck off troll


None Blinks are not interested that kind of bullsh*t news.. all blinks knew that was false from the start.. we respect Rosè’s private life and there is no against her dating life. It is her life and if you are true blinks, respect that.


Me too, as a blink I’m ashamed. They used to be nasty whores behind closed doors and I was fine with that but now they are out in public being sluts. It’s sad.


Jobless behavior


Good for her he is ugly and old but who am I to judge others daddy issues

No way

Half bp members are really into older

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