Netizens suspect that HYBE is reducing the price of Seventeen’s album because it can’t be sold at that price

Information about correcting SEVENTEEN’s album price error

170,800 won ($~125.58 USD)

The newly reflected price is at 83,400 won (about $61.50 USD) for the original price, and 69,500 won (about $51.30 USD) for the sale price

1. Seems like they thought it would sell well because there are many fools amongst idol fans. Guess it wasn’t selling

2. They treat the fans like ATMs

3. Honestly, if it was truly an error, they would’ve corrected it immediately. Seeing how it took 6 hours, did they go and discuss it before recalculating? Guess we have to be thankful they even changed it

4. It seems like they are still profitable even with 80,000 won, but they want to sell it for 170,000 won?

5. If fans hadn’t spoken up, they would have sold it for 170,000 won

6. Are they haggling or something?

7. Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I feel it’s too much. How can they treat their fans like idiots?

8. Legendary

9. HYBE is crazy, it seems like they are poisoning the idol world

10. If there are no complaints from fans, I don’t think they will change the price

11. If fans buy it, they will sell it at a higher price later

12. Who doesn’t know that they are reducing the price by 100,000 won because they can’t sell?

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