Netizens talk about 4th generation idol groups who sing live well

In the 4th generation, who are the idols who sing live well..?

Netizens talk about 4th generation idol groups who sing live well

1. Aespa, Stray Kids, TREASURE, I think these groups sing live well

2. Aespa..? Aren’t they always criticized for lip syncing?

3. It’s true that Aespa has lip-synced a lot, but they’ve done well in their recent live performances

4. Except for ATEEZ and NMIXX, the other idols all lip synced..γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

5. Isn’t ITZY good at singing live?

6. STAYC is good at singing live, let’s do better

7. Aespa also did well when I watched their overseas stage on YouTube

8. STAYC sings live well

9. ? Purple Kiss

10. ITZY and STAYC, let’s be famous


12. I think I saw ITZY become a hot topic when they sang live in the dance practice video

13. But seriously NMIXX sings so well

14. I think ITZY is really good at singing live

15. NMIXX, ITZY, STAYC, Aespa, Billlie are 4th generation idol girl groups who sing live well

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Itzy has not that good vocalists but it’s THE TRUTH that they sang live pretty fvcking good. And NMIXX they’re aces


Class:y is so nugu but they’re one of the best right there in terms of singing live




Aespa would have probably been known for good lives more if they didn’t lipsync a lot especially in their rookie years when they got backlash over it. Because when they do sing live they’re good especially with how hard their songs are. They were too stubborn to listen to the people and they probably lost all their popularity.


I don’t think they’ve really lost their popularity, looking at their views in the year end Gayo videos. It’s just that their last comeback did not create as much buzz as their previous ones. I hope they’ll put out something solid for their upcoming cb, and promote it well. But knowing SM, my hopes are not high. πŸ˜…


yes, they even made into gallup survey despite girls not making any buzz like next level
compare it gidle who had one of the biggest hits and both groups were right next to each other
so they’re still in people’s minds despite sm’s incompetence and not promoting the group and individually. all they need is a good song and the promotion snsd and rv got in their rookie years but it’s sm, so yeah, the girls need all the prayers they can get.


lmao aespa, their buzzer working so hard left and right 🀒


It’s quite funny how SM prides itself with having the best kpop vocalists but they rarely sing live smh


that really show how iconic their artists are… lol they know when they sing live, they simply ATE


NMIXX immediately comes to mind. Stayc sings LIVE live a.k.a without the backtrack, and for that they have my heart. Very reminiscent of second gen groups.

Aespa is very good when they actually do sing live (especially Winter), but SM’s weird policy doesn’t give them many opportunities to do so. I don’t know what SM was thinking. They should have sung live a lot, especially in their rookie era. Now even when they do sing live, the bandwagon haters keep bringing up their past lipsync stages.


i think people just want to jump on hate train on aespa. When they lip sync, people bash them left and right. When they DO sing live, no one pays attention or just simply dont care..


they’re all mid

Kpop Boomer

I mean, if we’re judging them within the K-pop industry itself, some of them are decent to good.
But like if we’re talking overall in comparison to other non-kpop music artists, yea they’re mid, lol


I just hope they’re honest and not just saying it to be superior bc if you really cared about lives, we’d be having a different convo now

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