Netizens talk about AAA Idolplus Popularity Award voting results in 2022

AAA Idolplus Popularity Award voting results in 2022

Singer category – BTS

Actor category – Jaechan (DKZ)

1. Congratulations to our Jaechan

2. Congratulations to BTS ㅋ ㅋ ARMYs, you guys did so well

3. The voting period is really too long.. I wish it was shortened to one day

4. I’m really proud of Jaechan.. Congratulations Jaechan-ah

5. Lim Young Woong is amazing too

6. Lim Young Woong’s fans are only in Korea but they are always rivals of global ARMYs, every time I see the voting results, I’m surprised

7. I think BTS is amazing… They seem like the only singers that can compete with Lim Young Woong’s fandom power

8. You guys have worked hard, BTS Jaechan, congratulations

9. No matter how you look at it, Lim Young Woong looks so cool, I wonder if a solo singer can do that

10. Wow BTS toppled Lim Young Woong today, amazing

11. Lim Young Woong is daebak

12. I guess ARMYs like the thrill

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the only one that can beat BTS is LYW and the only one that can beat LYW is BTS


Armys are such procrastinators lol 😆


“i guess armys like the thrill” omg 😭😭


And how do you think Army cant even make a huge gap on MAMA voting? Bcs aside from paid voting, BTS either 1st or 2nd in all voting…


Illegal votings and vpn 💀 this years mama is full of cheat


We like to take risks.

But I wasn’t done…

#6 and that’s why his votes are low key suspicious. Like how are you competing with a huge global fandom with only Korean aunties behind you???

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