Netizens talk about aespa ‘Welcome To MY World (Feat. nævis)’ MV

aespa ‘Welcome To MY World (Feat. nævis)’ MV

1. It’s a song that’s much slower than I thought

2. The song is so good

3. Where did nævis appear???????????? The song is good

4. I think the song is good!!

5. It’s a pre-release song but it’s so good… Winter’s voice is so good

6. The song is better than I thought

7. Daebak… It’s much better than I expected

8. Wow, I like the song, the MV is cute too

9. This isn’t the title song, is it a pre-release song?

10. The song is good, I’m looking forward to the album

11. Winter’s voice is so good

12. No, please tell me what’s going to happen, SM

13. Ah, the song is so good and the music video is crazy too

14. I like the song, it’s my favorite out of Aespa’s songs so far

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