Netizens talk about Ahyeon’s return and complain about the video quality in BabyMonster [BABYMONS7ER] VISUAL FILM


1. Do you feel like they are all equally pretty? Nothing catches the eye or feels unique or anything like that

2. Ahyeon is finally here

3. It’s like a video that was released 10 years ago… Please spend some money…

4. The kids are all pretty so please take good care of them

5. Ahyeon’s impact is amazing

6. Ahyeon is so pretty

7. Wow, there was no impact at all and the kids couldn’t even make facial expressions

8. Why is the video so bad…ㅠ

9. Everyone is pretty, I hope they release good songs

10. It doesn’t look like YG and the video quality isn’t high either

11. Why is the video quality like this?

12. I’m really looking forward to it because they all sing well~

13. Ahyeon, congratulations on your return!!

14. I think all the members are pretty and their styles are pretty too

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