Netizens talk about Billboard HOT 100 changing the rules

Billboard HOT 100 changes the rules

The Billboard Hot 100 will stop counting digital download singles from artists’ webstores

1. But isn’t the radio the biggest problem? They don’t play Asian/South American music

2. Are they doing it because they don’t like K-pop being on the charts?

3. They will never change the radio, that’s the pride of the locals

4. The worst is radio

5. While changing, please change the radio too

6. Radio DJ makes a lot of money

7. Now singers have to work hard to make their song go viral on TikTok, I heard that Fifty Fifty spent a lot of money on viral on TikTok, but I don’t know if that’s true

8. I don’t know, but that’s not the rule to control Korean singers, right? There are also many singers with big fandoms in the US??

9. There are many singers who sell music on their official website..???

10. Is this fair? K-pop will be relatively disadvantaged

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