Netizens talk about Billboard Hot 100 predictions for next week

Billboard Hot 100 predictions for next week

1. FIFTY FIFTY is amazing

2. Wow, our Jimin hit the daebak, he’s so cool

3. Hul, Jimin is amazing

4. What’s going on with Air?… But if you’re in the top 10 even in the second week, that’s really cool

5. Jimin’s sales are amazing

6. I really like Cupid

7. Why isn’t Jisoo there?

8. Wow FIFTY FIFTY is awesome. I like this song so I listen to it a lot

9. Jimin’s song gets better the more you listen to it

10. Why isn’t Jisoo there? Any other predictions?

11. Will Jisoo appear on the chart next week?

12. I don’t see Jisoo

13. Those are predictions, but Jimin is amazing

14. The company didn’t even do anything, Jimin is amazing

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