Netizens talk about BLACKPINK Jennie performing unreleased solo song at their concert

Jennie performs unreleased solo song at BLACKPINK’s concert

I really like it

[+59, -20]

1. [+19, -3] I watched it on YouTube, the song is good and her live is so good

2. [+16, -1] Today’s concert… seriously amazing…

3. [+12, -0] No, that silhouette dance part was really crazy ㅠㅠㅠ Looks like a silhouette from a morphing magic cartoon;

4. [+8, -1] Everything was really good… But it’s a pity that they didn’t perform any ballad songs ㅠㅠ

5. [+7, -0] It’s a fancam, so please watch it

6.[+2, -0] Isn’t she a princess?

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The concert is amazing


she was seriously like a ballerina, the moves were easy but her aura wow…


Liked the melody and the dance, but the lyrics seem like they were written by a 10 years old, like on the ground or money. Liked the performance tho


i mean:
“You know I got ya
Ain’t nobody got you like that
Ain’t nobody gonna have your back like the way I do
Love me, just say you do
You know you got me
Everything I do, everything I did
Everything I wished I was will make me feel alright
I’m just saying, so”

“Look at you, now look at me
Are you еver, ever gonna find somеone like this?”x2

“I don’t care ’bout your first love
This should be your last one
Looking like your love is won
You look better on me that’s fashion
Vogue walks, kill shots
Lights, camera, action
Never been in love or
Never love me now, eh
Never tell him, better tell him, better not change
I want you, I love me, and my way
Which one I love better, better off not saying”



When your paper is due at midnight and it’s 11:58pm

spicy spice

but blackpink lyrics was always like that thou.


they have some good lyrics, i loved stay for example, pwf was not bad either, I think its more their latest releases since ddu x4 that their lyrics began to be bad, solos included (except jennie’s solo song “Solo”, otg, lalisa, money lyrics were pretty bad too, guess i had high expectations since “Solo” had nice lyrics (except the rap part))


Wow it’s even worse than Solo or Lalisa. It’s almost impressive how their songs are getting more and more awful.


U didnt like it cuz the song is about V, that boy on your pp:*

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