Netizens talk about BLACKPINK Jisoo doing well on the chart among 4th generation female idols

The song that was released on March 31

Jisoo standing in the middle of the 4th generation female idols is daebak

[+67, -45]

1. [+24, -4] It’s amazing that she’s in the top 10

2. [+21, -4] It’s already a success to be at the top as a solo artist

3. [+21, -2] Honestly, at first I thought ‘All Eyes On Me’ would fit the title song better, but the more I listen to Flower, the more I see that this is a song that really suits Jisoo

4. [+17, -2] I really like the Flower challenge

5. [+17, -2] I think this song is Jisoo’s identity ㅠㅜ It suits Jisoo so well ㅠ This song can only succeed because Jisoo sings it

6. [+14, -0] Wow, I listen to it every time I exercise

7. [+8, -2] The song is so good

8. [+7, -2] Queen Jisoo

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Qween shit


bts member’s solo could never


organic unlike jimid




army crying because their fave solo cant even beat Jisoo in korea


Twink blink’s crying because they can’t beat jimin internationally. Bubbling under stans should humble themselves


International charts by Armpits : US Billboard only. At least she got it organically not like jimid, fraudelent


lmao he is charting both globally and in us, meanwhile shitsoo isnt even in top 150


this hag is local lmao global flop localsoo


Korea likes dozens but globally she’s a flop


Dozens: jin, jimin


Biggest downfall in hot 100 history queen jimin wbk 🤣


I know blinks are not talking about “biggest downfall” when BP’s How You Like That #91(-58) [2 weeks], *peak: #33* |out for the 3rd week, if I might add| literally exists.
not to mention that they didn’t need to have 90% of their sales deleted for no reason and with no explanation to achieve that fall; it was purely on blinks being good for nothing dozens that only know how to run their mouths on successful artists.

not even gonna bring bp’s solos into this conversation since yall can’t even make it onto the chart to begin with lmao clowns

Last edited 5 months ago by jendeukie

BP downfalls remains from bubbling under, be serious


I don’t want to write something mean about her. But she really needs to put her stans under check. They are one of the vilest bitches out there and only because of them these girlies are getting dragged every single day. It’s time blinkers stopped their victim card playing mentality for good and own up to their mistakes. The harrasment they give to other grps bgps or ggps. Maybe if you people knew how to not act like an animal these harassment your faves are recieving rn because of you wouldn’t have happened. Own up to your mistake bullying ass bitches.


Well look at the comment section here as always and you still say this, what a dumb ass stupid and blinded you are :)))


I would go for villianpinks and l0vesickgirls jnkwhatsoever asses before fighting over here you know. Those incels whom you people give likes to on their shameful tweets. Then come out crying if another fandom does similar things to you. Clear out the vile in your fandom then talk over here.


blinks in these comments are loud because they’re trying to make up for stifffsoo’s “successful song” being days away from falling out of Spotify Global, if anyone’s wondering lmao

Last edited 5 months ago by jendeukie

Look at that cutie in comment 4 . Adorable 🥰


dozen with the dozen song


Still organic success than jimid flop solo


if you google “mediaplay” a mid pink picture pops up

Seungri Oppa ❤️

As expected of Seungri Oppa ❤️ apprentice. It’s because of his talent in teaching them made her successful.

Like Crazy




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