Netizens talk about BLACKPINK Lisa’s dating rumors these days + YG has no response

BLACKPINK Lisa, 2nd generation of Louis Vuitton Group ‘dating in Paris?’ Foreign media get involved…YG has no response

BLACKPINK Lisa is rumored to be dating Frédéric Arnault, son of Bernard Arnault, the second richest man in the world according to Forbes ranking

Previously, Frédéric Arnault once claimed to be a fan of BLACKPINK. In fact, on his social media account, there are pictures and videos of him enjoying BLACKPINK’s LA concert two months ago

Local media said: “Dating rumors spread after the Bulgari fashion show last June.”

Lisa’s agency, YG Entertainment, doesn’t respond to dating rumors

1. But Lisa really looks like a princess in the last picture, she’s seriously so pretty…

2. Because Lisa is so popular, there are a lot of rumors about her

3. He already has a girlfriend

4. Why can’t they have a meal together?

5. Seriously, it seems like I’ve seen a lot of rumors about BLACKPINK lately.. I think BLACKPINK will do even better in the future

6. I don’t know, but Lisa is so pretty

7. Isn’t she dating Park Bo Gum?

8. Instead of dating rumors, I looked at the pictures and said, “Wow.. Lisa is so pretty”

9. If YG doesn’t respond, should we take it as fact?

10. I don’t know about the dating rumors, but Lisa is so pretty…

11. I guess they are just friends

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Ladyboy Lisa

Seems he doesn’t want any kids 😭

Teenaged puppy


Gi Gi Hakusho

I’m sorry but her fans need to take responsibility for this, all those edits on tiktok eith romantic music and even implying thanks to him she gets to go to events. Do they even realize they are spreading she’s a gold digger? Nobody but them care about this white man enough to start the rumor.


gold digger lol

Kpop all about clout

Im not bad person but in case of v we have surety that he is not cheater even if he cheat j it’s advantage bcz man is famous as hell but what about fred deeply i assume he just use lisa for his needs but i don’t care but if he cheat L then western said our play boy 😂😂i both case it’s disadvantage for poor jisoo and rosé


Jennie must be jealous of Lisa, probably why made that post on IG

Kpop all about clout

Litterly her fans bashing fred 🤣🤣 that stay away from our unnie lisa and inside fred was like don’t worry we are friend with benefits

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